Montanita, Ecuador

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

Legislation: Ecuador permits to carry two marihuana cigarretes for persnal use. Growing and Selling are prohibited.

Law enforcement: Policeman are not looking for marihuana smokers and wil not prosecute anybody doing it private or smoking at public at a concert or youth festival. Pleople do smoke at the Beach and at private homes and Hotels overlooking the Beach.

Where to buy marijuana: It is available anywhere in Montanita. You can quietly ask at Bars, local restaurants, surfers and even find dealers at the beach. Do not go to the Rocks and any other hideout, you will be ripped off by locals and Gangs from Guayaquil.

Marijuana prices: 1 oz. will go from $10 to $300 depending on quality.

Marijuana brands: Mango, Punto Rojo, Chola, Skunk, and BC quality with a lot of Cristals. Coming from Colombia, Peru and local production around the country.

More information: At this exuberant surf town you can find anything you want at very affordable prices. Lodge starts at $5 with meals included. This is a backpackers paradise and also an Electronic Rave Hub in Ecuador. Montanita is 90% foreigners and party year round.