Mississauga, ON, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Canadian marijuana laws are well known for being quite relaxed, so long as you’re in possession of a small amount. That being said, the level of enforcement of the laws is generally determined by the type of cop you may run in to, and how you handle yourself in the situation.

Law enforcement: Mississauga has a lot of cops, and many of them spend their shifts driving around in cruisers doing nothing but drinking coffee and occasionally confiscating booze and pot from teenagers. A LOT of people smoke weed in Mississauga and if you do encounter a cop, remember your rights (the cops here tend to forget them), be respectful, and you should be fine. Your bud may get taken, and probably smoked by other officers, but unless you have a large amount or other evidence of trafficking everything should be alright. Cops like to patrol residential areas around parks too so if you’re rolling or smoking in the car, find a street not close to major bus routes or other streets, or just get out and go for a walk in the park.

Where to buy marijuana: Ask younger (early 20s) people in Port Credit along Lakeshore, especially around the bar district. Chances are someone knows someone who can help you out.

Latest reports say: Square One food court.

Central Parkway mall, just approach some groups of early 20’s, if any are there, won’t be the greatest bud, but it’ll do.

Also, virtually any coffee shop IE: Coffee time, Dunkin donuts, No name shops. Approach the youths who congregate in groups, ask politely and discreetly.

Marijuana prices: $10 – gram, $25-$30 – 1/8, $50-$60 – 1/4, $80-100 – 1/2, $140-$180 oz

Marijuana brands: Many. The good and the bad can be found here, though generally the good. Lots of mid to high grade bud, but make sure you check it first before you pay for it.

All of course, depending on the quality. If you’re buying from unknown sources the safest is too stick with the lowest prices, listed above. Dont pay anymore regardless of the “quality” said youth will try and peddle on you. It will never be, as they will not sell great stuff to unknown customer.

More information: Mississauga has a lot of parks, forests, bridges, and paths that can lead you to great smoking spots. City parks are “closed” between 11pm-7am so cops often patrol and even drive along the paths in the parks looking for people who are there late. There are many paths and places down by the lake that are great to smoke at, and there are many places that are hotspots. Use your judgement, and find a relatively secluded place and you should be fine.

Stay away from the Yonge st. strip, there is nothing but bush weed, and counterfeit weed believe it or not. It is saturated with street transients who, regardless of what they claim, are only looking to rip you off. There have been many instances of pocket lint being sold, coloured green.

For quality, use common sense when out, in a bar type atmosphere, ask a group of people who smoke cigarettes, as 80% of smokers who are drinking are/will be inclined to smoke, or know someone who is holding.

Kensington is a great spot, as most every summer day there are numerous people smoking throughout the day, particularily in the park, south of Augusta. Be friendly and approach your fellow bong heads, and rejoice in the commraderie that is a tasty doob, and a righteous game of hacky-sack. Enjoy!