Minot, ND, North Dakota

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2-3

Legislation: It is illegal no question. But an interesting fact is that North Dakota is the only state that can legally grow Hemp in the United States but since the DEA like to stick their big **** where it don’t belong it is impossible to actually grow Hemp, its beauracratic bullshit. Another tidbit, North Dakota has the highest underage drinking rates in the nation and Drunk Driving is bad but widespread here and it is way less of an offence here than other places. Military, High schoolers, Teachers, Parents, alot of DUI’s.

Law enforcement: When you turn 18 in North Dakota you record gets wiped (save felonies) so any MIC/MIP (Minor in consumption/posession of alcohol) is cleared. Cops aren’t that big on alcohol I have been at many parties and let go to get a ride. As long as you don’t f*ck with them they won’t f*ck with you. When you’re smoking they aren’t coming after you with dogs or anything but there is no legal medicinal or not and doubtful if they let you off at all.

Where to buy marijuana:

Not any places in particular maybe go to a local restaurant Pizza Hut or McDonalds and ask an obvious pot smoker explain the situation and I’m sure you can get the hookup. ALSO Budget Music and Video is the closest place to a head shop we got, they sell papers and hookahs (tobacco use only of course) but do not ask the workers just check out the customers maybe and ask one of them.

Marijuana prices: 40 – schwagg

50 – Decent

60 – Dank

You can easily get ripped off especially if you ain’t from around so be careful of skimp bags and people saying its dank and it ain’t. Every smoker of course is different but out of people I know no-one usually buys in ounces unless they selling but for 40 the prices vary greatly for 50 ounces are about 200-250 and 60 ounces are about 320-400.

Marijuana brands: I have had White Widow, Purple but we don’t really have a brand we have whatever the fuck we can get.

More information: Don’t come here to smoke pot. Stay wherever you are because it is probably safer and better there. I would love to give my number out here to make sure anyone round Minot North Dakota gets good deals on bud but that of course would be retarded.