Mindelo, S. Vicente, Cabo – Cape Verde

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3


Law enforcement: Don’t be a moron or really open about it and

you’ll be fine

Where to buy marijuana: Club Nautica, the ghetto, rua marginal, rua

de praia

Marijuana prices: If you know someone tahn about 2000 CVE or roughly 20 euros a half once, if not you will be buying ‘tacs’ which are less than a joint

for 50 cents.

Marijuana brands: All pretty much crap, some crap greener than

others, but try to remember what you smoked in 7th grade and bingo!

More information:If you go to the bar, be discrete and respectful, don’t broadcast your intentions to the bar but pull someone aside and ask. They will either have it or will take you to someone who does.

Don’t worry about getting robbed rarely happens unless you deal with the street kids. The material is crap, so unless you are really trying to get something, wait until you leave.

Langauge barrier not a problem, they know what you want and will help you out. If someone hooks you up, hook them up with a drink or some of your stash. Be careful cops know what is up but leave tourists alone. Basically like anywhere else don’t be an ass and people are cool about it. Don’t smoke in public, I suggest the beach, any beach other than laginha.

Good luck.