Miguel Aleman, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The “Codigo Penal” law at “Articulo 195Bis” specifies a max. of 250Grams to be considered personal consuming and not to be procecuted. And 5Grams of Hash. But many local laws are in conflict with this federal law. So many states and cities are more “illegal” than others.

Law enforcement: Cops here are very corrupt, but since it’s a broder city (with the US) your bags and car will get checked when you enter from Roma, Tx , if u get cought(which is rare) don’t worry just offer a bribe of around 100 pesos (about $10 US Dollars) and everything will be fine, cops are usually looking for large amounts of coke.

Where to buy marijuana: just ask any hobo, or punk looking kid u see and they will point u in the right direction. Don’t be afraid people a friendly in Miguel Aleman.

Marijuana prices: Bricked Mexican Weed – u can buy joints(fatass ones) for 10-20 pesos or 1 us dollar(any one accepts us money in that city) ounces for 10o pesos or 10usd and a kilo for 100 usd,Miochacana for about double the price of bricked.

Marijuana brands: mexican Bricked, Miochuacana(good ass weed) Or if you’re lucky u can find some Hydro