Messina, Italy

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal, but is tolerated for personal useage. A new law may be passed allowing up to 5 grams of any drug for personal usage

Law enforcement: Cops Around but if careful no troubles.

Where to buy marijuana in Messina: 4Tourists if lucky in Piazza Municipio if you see punks skaters or old smokers with guitar there are not dealers but friendly people who could help you.

Messina marijuana prices: Skunk from gianni@17/20€ per gram, elsewhere 10 mostly.

Normally everything sold at 10 euro per gram normal seedy weed at 5 Seedy Weed 50gr/180euro in Bad Areas like Maregrosso or Giostra, Annunziata, places where even messina’s people don’t like to go.

Strains: Mostly local medium weed, skunk , moroccoan hashish and from small kids chocolate bad quality hash.

More information: This town is sadly known as the heroin town that’s maybe why there’s so few pot dealers cuz the local mafia is interested in moving a more expensive drug with less troubles of weight without care of the silly kids in this town taking approach to this shit we can say messina is the maintown in sicily for heroin with night/day dealers with the cops complicity who get payed from most of the big dealers like shown many times in local papers, in fact there’s a junky tourism from the rest of sicily and calabria for what we mentioned before.