Australian Laws and Legislation

Australia has adopted harm minimization strategies with an emphasis on treatment when it comes to simple marijuana offenses. Trafficking and exportation still fall into federal jurisdiction for large amounts with severe penalties. Most offenses are ruled within the territories legislation.

Penalties for cultivation have become harsher since more people have began and attracted attention to it with large-scale operations. The laws are confusing and often debated, with some arguing that possession is essentially legal.

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Victoria Cannabis Laws

Melbourne is located in Victoria where possession of up to 50 grams of marijuana is a caution and recommendation to a counseling program. A maximum of two cautions will be issued. The police have introduced a “caution” system where first-time offenders caught with small amounts are given a formal police caution and let go without being prosecuted, but a caution stays on your record for police to see.

First timers or travelers carrying small amounts under 2-3 grams may get off with a caution, possibly a court appearance with a small fine ($AU200 =$US188). The same could be said for anyone growing one or two small plants. Anything more than this would be considered criminal and can attract heavy penalties such as large fines, suspended sentences and jail time (but rarely more than a period of 3-4 months for a relatively serious case eg. cultivation and trafficking of a pound to an adult).

Law Enforcement

As of early 2006 police have taken to using sniffer dogs at public events and even on public transport in an effort to catch unwary smokers and dealers (mostly powder drugs I think) and it seems to be fairly effective, but your odds are still good. Other than that the Melbourne police are polite and professional if you treat them as such, corruption and bribery is relatively rare and if you play your cards right you may even land a sympathetic cop. Or judge.

Police in Melbourne have one vehicle (so far) equipped to test (using saliva test) to test for dope and amphetamines. it’s been maybe one year in operation and not much info released to public re success rates. at the moment vehicle mostly used to nab long distance truck drivers. not at this point testing drivers who are pulled over for random alcohol breath test, but of course, authorities threatening to in the near future….

Where to Buy Marijuana in Melbourne

Marijuana is probably best sourced from pubs, bars and clubs. You are unlikely to actually find much pot there, but you will find contacts. Most dealing is done in homes across Melbourne, not in the bars, but it is abundant and you can be sure every street has its own dealer. But you need to meet/find a nice friendly local.

Melbourne Marijuana Prices

Marijuana in Melbourne is generally not cheap. There are two main ranges for pot pricing in Melbourne, and that depends on whether the pot is the more common and expensive hydroponic variety, or the less common and cheaper outdoor or “bush” bud. The bush bud varies greatly in quality and strength, with prices as low as $80 ($US60) for 28grams/1ounce for the worst stuff, to $230 ($US160) per 28grams/1ounce for the best. The powerful “Hydro” tends to meet a basic minimum standard, and that standard is very high. Melbourne growers often buy seeds direct from Holland, so you can run into pure White Widow or the latest strains. Hydro ranges in price from $240-$300 ($US170-$US210) per 28grams/1ounce.


Only pot is sold in Melbourne (not much hash), with different quality. Generally, Australian weed has high potency, still there are quality differences.

Time Zone

UTC/GMT +10 hours

Dialing codes

+ 61 (Australia) Area code: 3

More Information

See live bands or go to rave parties. Chat to the friendly people.

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  • james hurley if you can help me

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