Maruata, Mexico

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5.0

Legislation: carrying weed is a criminal offense in ALL mexico, so be careful, you will also have to have in mind that the NAVY is just 5 miles away from the beach, don´t worry they never come down the beach UP TO 10 GR. OF WEED YOU CAN SPEND ONE YEAR IN JAI IF YOU SELL IT- UP TO 20 YEARS IN PRISION

Law enforcement: There is no a law enforcement in this place. is a beach with no rules, in the case you get busted (rare), give the pigs ur watch or maybe an ipod as a bribe and they will release you ALWAYS. you can have fun with a lot of liberty in those places… MARUATA-NEXPA ETC all the beaches around.

Where to buy marijuana: You can find weed everywhere, dowtown, beach, hotels, cribs, the best place to look is in the beach where also you can stay with some native people just paying 4 or 5 bucks a day and also buying weed to them, believe they will hook u up with some of the best BUD you will ever try on mexico.

Marijuana prices: this is the best part, low prices-quality can get one quarto ( 250 gr) paying only 35 usd, if u find someone (surfers & natives) you´ll be able to get the kilo (1000gr) by the cost of 80-90 usd, u can aslo find coke,lsd,opium,caldo de zopilote, shrooms, crack and some magic pills.

Marijuana brands: all MICHOACAN outdoor grown weed,,,,,green as the grass you walk every day to get school,sometimes purple, with some of the best smell of all the country you could find some imported weed (rare) blueberry purple white widow all of that stuff.

More information: Maruata and all of the places that are near are some great places to visit and to escape for the everyday life, if u get there u will notice that cocaine is also fuckin nice, a little bit expensive, but it worth it. TRUST ME, also try the food, SEAFOOD. MARUATA first market are the drugs. 😉