Marietta, GA, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Local legislation criminalizes possession, use, and paraphernalia and possession of greater than an ounce or within a school zone is a felony punishable by a mandatory minimum of 5 years in prison.

As of July 1st, 2007 it is now a felony to posses 14 grams of marijuana in the state of Georgia. On first offenders cobb county and several other county governments have adapted the Alcohol and Drug Diversion programs from liberal jurisdictions. Due to the volume of first time offender diversion allows an easy chrage dismissal with community service and some kind of drug or alcohol related class within 90 days. Courts here are becoming more hesitant to hand out probation terms now on an a charge for midemeanor marijuana which was commonly expected as recents as several years ago.

Law enforcement: Police here are very strict especially on weekend and summer nights. Its not rare for young people to be followed for miles waiting for an error to occur. The county has developed a humorous acronym (Count On Being Busted) for their notorious police force. Marietta and Cobb police are also critisized for their profiling practices which they still use to this day. Such as Black males, hispanic males, males under the age of 25, are often targeted for “suspicious behavior” or a more common term which really means nothing “Failure to maintain a lane”. From the alleged reason the officer tells you he has pulled you over he immediatly requests more back up units than what is needed to make a simple arrest. Without hesitation they ask to search either claiming there’s a slight odor of marijuana or alcohol coming from the vehicle. The area as a whole is a very upper class suburb where virtually no violent crimes occur so this creates and extremly bored p

olice force not to mention cobb’s endless budget allows for the over-hiring of police especially young, inexpierenced white males. One nights comes to mind, July 3rd, 2006 14 cars were pulled over on Barrett Pkwy being searched, a 6 miles stretch of road.

another reporter added: “Smoke somewhere safe at home or a friends house, keyword house, apartments can be shady. dont smoke and drive, dont do it at a neighborhood pool, or a park, church or what looks like a safe patch of woods i cant tell you how many ppl have got busted. Dont admit to anything. Refuse a search and if they claim their getting the dogs out keep questioning the officer on when you can leave. They cant lie. Dont freak out. If they do find something, stay cool and be fairly honest bout you dont snitch dont talk to much and act like your prepared to deal with it. Some cops will let you go cause they like the impression you left on them.”

Where to buy marijuana in Marietta: Marijuana is fairly easy as with other drugs to obtain in the area. Any individual who looks like they smoke probably does. you can often smell marijuana coming from trucks, and suv’s packed with male youths blaring loud rap music during rush hour. Hispanics are a good bet to get cheap marijuana, simply shout “mota” and the individual that responds is your guy.

another reporter added:

” Be extremely careful buying marijuana from any random person. Theres a good chance you may not like the outcome. Look for it at gas stations (dont do Quiktrip, 12’s hangout) from young white males who look like they are smoking but not to obvious. Dealing with blacks is risky because they like to rob no matter who you are. Dont go to the southside or cobb pkwy you wil get robbed or busted. Look for people exiting gas station with swisher cigarillos, virtually the only thing people roll with in the area. Dont believe blacks when they say they have purp or something crazy for a good price. Your about to get a lick hit on you. theres some local slang you can use to get what you want. Your best bet is to look for high schoolers or KSU students. East Cobb very good spot to get high quality buds, beware of police and nosy neighbors. ”

Marietta marijuana prices:

Varying on involvement in Metro Atlanta lucrative drug world but from a simple consumers point the typical norm is as follows:


pound- 500-900$

qp – 225-320 $ (depend soley on quality)

Ounce= 75-100 $

half ounce= 45-65 $

quarter= 25-40 $

eigth= 15-20 $

blunts or grams are commonly sold for 5$ but are looked down upon

Dank (beasters, and other forms of low grade dank)

eighth – 40- 50 $

one gram – 10-20$

ounce- 275-320 $

qp – 900-1000$

other higher qualities

eighth – 50-65$

gram – 20-30$

Brands: Alot of high quality buds come in to Atlanta from all over the country making its way to college towns and mid level dealers. Perhaps the most variety i’ve seen. Anything from Cali, to shit from Seattle and vancouver, NYC diesel, Texas and Mexican brick mids, and all the homegrown exotics. The mids here are the best in the Nation. Large scale operations in the Appalachain hills of outdoor grown stuff takes over the market in Late summer till winter. Alot better than that shit that comes from Texas.

Mids = Usually has seeds and is very dry. High can range from headache-inducing to a mild stone.

Beasters = Despite this term generally meaning “British Columbian,” it refers to pot that isn’t quite dank but does get one stoned.

Dank = Dank is usually very crystalline and/or covered in red hairs. This pot is usually very well cured. The stone is magnificent. It is sub-classified in terms of quality by “Low,” “Medium,” and “High.”

Headies = This is the cream of the crop. This tends to be rarer and unavailable to the outside buyer. If you can find true headies (High Dank is sold to the uninitiated as Headies occasionally) you can be assured that the plant was grown by an expert, often hydroponically, and the strains tend to be name-brand.

Hash is non-existant, although low-potency (30-40%) hash oil is sometimes available.

grand daddy purp, beasters, mids, master kush, hindu kush, silver haze, northern lights, in the black neighborhoods a very potent type of marijuana with little green but mostly orange and a light brownish tint on it is known as dro as opposed to what is called dro everywhere else in the country.

More information: *Mids are generally not sold in quantities larger than quarter ounces simply because this variety is rare due to the more affluent buyers in the area. If you do buy an ounce or more it will generally be from someone selling the buds off of the lowest branches of a good plant that they didn’t want to cure as well. This tends to be very cheap.

Drugs are very present period in the Metro Atlanta area and marijuana is just another way of making money which seems to be the city’s new adapted theme.