Mandeville, Jamaica

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3


Law enforcement: Mandeville is mainly retirees and professionals working for the Aluminum company. Because of this, open Ganja smoking is not tolerated. The cops in Mandeville will bust you, intimidate you and release you when paid appx. $300-400USD. Do not stop people on the street and ask for dope.

Where to buy marijuana: Avoid the market. Pickpockets may entice you in and double-team you to take everything from you. Two months before we went, a man was decapitated at the market. Go to Mandeville Park, the dealers will find you. Another safer option in Jamaica in general is to drive through the country and ask anyone who you see smoking. Odds are they’ll duck into their house and return with a fistful.

Marijuana prices: Never accept their prices. I bought a half pound for USD$80, and I thought I had a reasonable chance of flying if I ran fast enough and flapped my arms vigorously enough.

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