Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: hashish is illegal in bahrain and so is any related drug

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Law enforcement: if u get caught u will definitly spend 2 to 4 weeks in prison and will be interrogated harshly and then released on bail until ur case goes to court. the judge might sentence u to 6 months in prison minimum and 10 years maximum.

Where to buy marijuana: there is no marijuana in bahrain available but hight quality hashish. it is hard to buy it off the streets with no connections but u could always try going to bars in exhibition road and a thai hooker might fix u up if she doesnt she will know someone who will. everybody smokes hash in bahrain but are rely serious about keeping it quite.

Marijuana prices: prices are different with every dealer in bahrain and dealers dont sell it in grams u could get a peice as ur thumb for 20 bd – 50 $

Marijuana brands: mostly hash is smuggled from iran and pakistan

More information: be cool when smoking dont make it obvious and dont do it on the road the best place is to do it in ur hotel room with only pple u know

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  • Dee

    Is anyone here legit? No bullshit?

  • noname

    Im 18 and living in bahrain, i smoke pot and hash (black) almost everyday, you just need to know the right people! took me 5 years to get to where i am now haha its bloody expensive though, pot contains many seeds and stems as it is brought in from bangladesh but it gets the job done. however the hash is pretty high quality.

    • noname

      IT IS VERY DANGEROUS TO TRY AND GET YOURSELF, unless you meet someone and get to know someone who smokes, dont try and ask around as you would probably just get nabbed by the cops who are very very very unfriendly

      • noname

        i am not a dealer, and i currently go to university in another country so that is the only reason i feel comfortable posting here, however i do return to bahrain on the occasion

    • david

      Get me some ill pay!!

      • Ali
        • noname

          Sorry Ali, I know Bahrain and replying to strangers on a website like this is not safe

  • noname

    do not try and go to exhibition road as it says in the article, you have a higher chance of getting arrested and close to 0% percent chance of actually scoring

  • david

    I need some hash someone get me. no bullshit!!!!!!!!

    • noname

      where are you from?