Malmo, Sweden

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Any possession and use of cannabis in Sweden is illegal.

Law enforcement: Swedish police will arrest you if they see you smoking cannabis publicly, and the swedish police has since a couple years back mainly focused on new and young drug users (under the age of 18).

If you only have THC in the urine you will get a fine. repeated use of cannabis can in the long run give you a prison sentence.

dont walk around with a big amount in the pocket!!!

Where to buy marijuana: Get a hold of me!! 🙂 haha if you know a real cannabis smoker in malmo its very easy finding good hashish but in malmo allmost everybody try to rip you of!

In Malmo you have to know somebody to obtain good weed or hashish. Its mostly hash of bad quality beeing sold here, even if you know somebody!! Now and then there is really good weed and hash but its not very often and to obtain the quality stuff you HAVE TO KNOW SOMEONE.

However if you dont know someone in malmo and want to have a smoke you could try to talk to the heroin junkies outside “triangeln”, a large shopping complex, they could probably hook you up, but Im sure they would also try to rob you.

you could also try the shady-looking-albans hanging around mollan in their raggedy cars… sooner or later you wil find a perso n dealing hash out of his car.

but keep away from the cops, if they find you smoking or even suspect you have been dealing with cannabis in one way or the other they will search you, and they can take you to the station and make you leave a urine sample.

Marijuana prices: 100 swedish kronors / gram

some times you can find 5g for 400kr.

prices have been going upwards the latest couple of years and it allmost allways cost 100kr/g if you buy up to 10g.

sometimes you can find 20g for like 1200-1600 depending on the quality and the dealer.

100g can range from 3500kr-7500kr depending on quality and even more, the dealer!!

Marijuana brands: Moroccan hashish of poor quality and sometimes good quality.

sometimes black hashish from afghanistan/lebanon of good quality.

sometimes smuggeled in skunk from amsterdam/copenhagen.

sometimes homegrown skunk of good quality and sometimes really bad.. it all depends on who you know!!