Male, Maldive Islands

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: No proper legislation exists. Supposed to be illegal but the majority of the population either smokes brown sugar or hashish oil.

Law enforcement: Police usually don’t bother foreigners. But as a rule its always good to be safe and smoke your stuff indoors at your hotel. Police are more interested in arresting political dissidents, so do not have much interest or time to bother with drug users.

Where to buy marijuana: Lets put it this way: its easier to buy hashish oil in Male’ than it is to buy a beer. The best way t go about scoring some hashish oil (oil derived from marijuana plants and the only stuff u can get in Male’) is to start up a conversation with a local youth. Usually any guy with long hair and funky clothing will do. As a rule if you spot 8 local youths on the street, its more than likely that 7 of them are hashish oil smokers. The best locations to go to are the famous surfing point on Male’ island and also around the carnival near the ferry terminal to the airport.

Marijuana prices: Asish oil is usually sold in old cemara film conatiners (for large quantities) or in plastic wrapping paper (for smaller quantities). The smallest amount u can buy is MRF 100 (USD 9) worth of stuff from which you should be able to make 2 decent joints. Alternatively u can go for full (which is full film container) which would cost around MRF 7000 (USD 500).

and also: “1 inch packing for 100 Rf”

Marijuana brands: The only good stuff you get is Hashish oil.