Madrid, Spain

As of 2019, the safest and best way to get high quality weed in Madrid is to join a professional private cannabis club. If you are looking for marijuana in Madrid, you’ll be pleased to know that with Spain’s liberal privacy laws and other constitutional protections, you can do so completely legally. And with WeBeHigh now offering a direct connection to the city’s smoker’s clubs, you can apply to join right now with just a few clicks. To apply to join a private cannabis club in Madrid, CLICK HERE NOW.

In the capital city of Spain, you can avoid the black market and all of its associated dangers by becoming a member of a Madrid cannabis club. In general, you must meet the following requirements:

*Age 21 or Older
*Have Valid ID
*Habitual Cannabis User
*Sponsored by a Current Member

The problem for most people is finding someone who is a current member of a coffeeshop in Madrid to sponsor them. Fortunately, WeBeHigh can do exactly this for you, and it’s 100% safe and legal. CLICK HERE to Become a Member Now; we can sponsor you directly.

What exactly is a Madrid Cannabis Social Club?

Cannabis clubs in Madrid are associations where members have legally put their collective skills, resources and funds together to cultivate marijuana and provide it in a safe environment to its members. The members and Board of Directors are organized as a closed-circle group of people who band together in a registered Private Association for the purpose of “autoconsumo” – to produce and consume cannabis. These clubs are non-profit and only require members to pay a small yearly fee and for their share of the harvest efforts.

Most clubs offer a selection of 5 – 6 Sativas and 5 – 6 Indicas. Madrid’s cannabis clubs also generally carry hash, iceolator and other types of concentrates, and a few clubs might offer edibles from time to time.

Inside a cannabis club in Madrid, you’ll find spacious areas to hang out, comfortable seating, places to work from, and well-stocked dispensaries and bars – that’s right, you can get beer and wine too!

Most clubs also offer coffee, tea and other beverages as well as snacks and sometimes even hot tapas. Free WiFi, live music and DJs, special events and late hours make Madrid’s cannabis clubs great places to hang out in addition to being able to score some excellent quality marijuana.

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If you’re looking for marijuana in Madrid, the best way to get it is to join a cannabis club in Madrid. WeBeHigh can now make sure that you get connected safely, quickly and with extremely high quality cannabis products. To apply to become a member of a Madrid cannabis social club, please CLICK HERE.