Spain’s constitution gives considerable protection to what people do in the privacy of their homes. The Spanish law says that personal behavior in a private place, and this includes private land and outbuildings, is protected by the constitution. The controversial issues are that police are allowed to determine if what you are doing is personal or if it is meant for distribution, which is illegal, and they are also allowed to arrest you if your cannabis activities or possession are outside of your private domain.

Law Enforcement

Madrid police do not have a single coordination set-up to attend foreign visitors either as victims or as detainees. The city police (“Guardia Urbana”) say they will, in such cases, contact the respective embassies. The “Policia Nacional”, charged with public order, have the habit of bringing all foreigners they pick up, to their “comisaría” on Madrazos street in the city centre.

I smoked in my hotel room, on my balcony, in the clubs, in the bars, on the street, and in various public places. Never once was I bothered. Spain has the best tolerances towards cannabis in the world, you do not have to worry.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Madrid

The latest info from our comments recommends looking for younger people smoking and being friendly instead of buying from hoodlums with dirty weed.

WeBeHigh will offer a tours in Madrid this summer 2015 please contact if interested. Otherwise PLEASE refer to the newest comments for the latest details.

Advice from users:

  • “Just outside of the metro stop in Retrio Park. Make eye contact with any black dudes posted up, they are friendly and speak more English than most of the local, he’ll tell you to go sit on the park bench and from there you can haggle. The man I dealt with was there every day 1 to 2”
  • “I went to Parque del Retiro, entering by Calle de Alcala. After being in the park for about ten seconds I made eye contact with a guy who was standing with two others. He and I walked down the path…I asked him for twenty, and he said forty. I said twenty, and again he said forty. I said no, twenty. Then he said thirty and I said okay. I couldn’t get a good sniff as it was wrapped so tight, but I took my chances, and I’m glad to say: Damn good hash…probably about four grams.”
  • “I followed the tips on this website and took the metro to Retiro Park around 7pm on a Wednesday night. Just as was listed in the report as soon as I got into the tunnel, there was a West African leaning against the wall. My eyes lit up in anticipation and excitement as I could not believe how easy i was to find. I looked directly at the West African he nodded and I nodded back. By this point I was tingling and fluttering slightly. Was he the real deal? Was he just trying to rip me off? Were the cops around? At that point we started walking down the tunnel and negotiating.”
  • There are usually guys selling hash in Retiro Park. Look near the tunnel at the north end of the park that leads from the park to the “Retiro” metro stop. If you don’t want to ask someone, just walk around near the tunnel making eye contact with people. Watch out for the cops on horses!
  • At or around Lavapies square; in calle (street) Graviña and other alleys of the Malasaña quarter around Plaza Dos de Mayo; or the neighbouring streets leading towards the Granvía avenue near the Telefónica building, which is the area with the worst reputation. “This last zone is where the risks of a rip-off are really serious for hash users,” says an insider. “You get offers at some 500 pesetas per gram that you’d better not ask what it is composed of; while at other places, the prices asked may go up to 1000-1500 pesetas per gram for the real good stuff. And then, far from the city centre at the outskirts of Vallecas quarter, you can find any sort of stuff at the places people have come to call “drugs supermarkets” in slums like La Rosilla or Pozo del Huevo – but those sure are risky zones.”
Marijuana prices:

10 euro a gram

He first offered me what sounded like 3.5 grams of Hash for 50 Euros. Well I am only in Spain for 3.5 days and this seemed like alot of Hash for a lot of Money. We hasseled over price and weight and he finally pulled what looked look a large bullet from an upper lining in the tunnel. I looked it over once and gave it a quick smell and it semed legit. We agreeed on 40 Euros, but it was a lot of Hash. Would proabably last me 3 to 4 weeks in the US and I am a wake and baker.

“He claimed it was some really good Pakistani Hash and I tend to believe him as it tasted alot like an Afghan/Indian/Pakistani Indica. It was very smooth and tasty with a hint of fresh pine and really did the trick. Came on fast.”

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