Macon, GA, Georgia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor and can be punished by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. However, upon a first drug conviction the offender may be placed on probation, and upon successful completion the proceedings against him may be discharged. Possession of one ounce or more is a felony and is punishable by 1 – 10 years in prison.

Prosecution in Bibb County is usually conservative and zero-tolerance. Most first time offenders are jailed and sentenced to probation/fines/community service/counseling.

The intensity of prosecution varies from case to case. More times than not they will try you harshly and you’ll come out with a pretty heavy fine and a good amount of community service hours to be had. Jail time is not out of the question, either.

Law enforcement: Police Officers in this area are usually very strict on public marijuana use and will be more than happy to write you up for possession as well as any other law infractions(trespassing, etc.). Some officers are more lax than others, but it is always better to be safe and keep your toking at a private location. You will never be let off the hook with just a lecture and confiscation of stash/piece around here!

Where to buy marijuana: “As with most cities, the best places are found through the people you get to know. A good start in finding these people who can help you out with the more secure hook ups is attending Macon’s First Friday music and arts gathering in the down town area (Down Peak, Cherry st.) Look for people that look like your average smoker and start talking to them. If you don’t come about being suspicious they just might give you a pretty reliable source of getting your weed.

A well known place for dealers is all along Bellevue, but be cautious as this is a pretty rough neighborhood and cops are well aware of what goes on. Dealers will probably be drawn to you automatically if you make enough eye contact, but this should only be done if you are desperate for weed. The weed here is average mids at best and some dealers try to rip you off.

Almost any other lower class living areas such as Pleasant Hill will have these types of dealers waiting to sell. As it was said before, be cautious and only drive in these areas if absolutely necessary. Gang activity and Law enforcement are two biggies for any rough neighborhood.

For the high mids and dank you almost always have to have a sturdy connection in place, and will usually be found in middle class suburban areas. Make friends and you will eventually find these places.”

and also: “My experience has been meeting suppliers through friends or family members. Most of the product in Macon is available in the predominantly black areas, but much of the high grade product can be found in middle-class white neighborhoods.”

Marijuana prices: The amount of weed you can buy at a time varies from dealer to dealer. Some offer Os and others restrict you to smaller quantities. Don’t be surprised to be given a quarter in nick/dime bags. (This usually won’t happen, though.)

Shwag: 15 quarter, 60 Oz.

Mids(ranging from low quality to high middies): 25-30 a quarter, 100-120 an Oz.

Dank: 50 an 1/8th

Marijuana brands:

Unless you have a reliable dank connection, don’t expect to get a name for your weed. It will almost always be low to high grade middies. Even when you have access to dank, the dealer will usually just sell it as “dank” and not bother giving it a name. Good rule of thumb: Good weed from good neighborhoods, Bad weed from bad neighborhoods.


Mids, usually mexican imported


Specifics brands: Every so often the big strains will show up coming down from Athens and Atlanta. Reliable dank dealer needed to get a hold of them, however, and it’s a rare occasion even then.

At one time or another has been available:

Blueberry, Cali Kush, Lights

More information: Don’t be fulled by dealers trying to put names on weed. What someone calls “Chronic” is usually solid middies at best.

Once you get to know the local smokers things become way easier. Just remember to be smart with your bud and make friends along the way and Macon can easily become a tolerable smoking town instead of the usual stern bible belt conservative place people think of it as.

Locals know the best and safest spots to smoke, a lot of them in great relaxed settings. Be careful who you approach, Macon is right in the thick of the Bible Belt and most of the residents are staunchly conservative. If you know where to look, you can score some good bud for a reasonable price.