Machipichu, Cusco, Peru

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Peru. It is an offense to smoke in the streets, but you can smoke in the hotel room. In Ayahuaska or San Pedro it is LEGAL.

Law enforcement: Seemed very strict in the streets :Aguas Calientes – Machupichu pueblo, in the Inca city its easy, but try to smoke alone.

If you want to go to Waynapicchu mountain or another mountain dont get too high The trip (Lima-Cusco) by plane is easy if you have a little stash of herb with you (10 joints).

The trip by buss is easy use the company “Cruz del Sur” or “Palomino”, you can smoke in the stops W.C. (washrooms), but never smoke in the BUS W.C.

The company of buses put one police (secret) officer undercover.

The trip by TRAIN its EASY, more lax control.

Where to buy marijuana: Its too hard, like imposible, but you can get smokers friends in the hotsprings and disco.

Make a friends in the bar, dont ask in the streets.

Marijuana prices: Its expensive. You can find 6 joints x 50 soles ($16.00 usd).

buy in Lima (the capital) its much easier and way cheaper.

Marijuana brands: Different varations of skunk and sativas, ask about skunk because in Peru we have a “Moño Rojo” its a bad herb, the color is brown.