Maceio, Brazil

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Import, export, send, make, buy, sell, expose to sell, offer, prescript, keep […] or deal drugs, even if for free: 5 to 15 years of jail and R$ 500 to R$ 1500 fine.

Illegal. It’s illegal but i have already seen some people smoking in public and even the police was near. Get a cash to wash police hands and you’ll be fine

Law enforcement: Lax. People at the beach surroundings are always smoking, police don’t bother tourists and white people, niggers got to be warned they have a racist police.

Where to buy marijuana: “Posto 7”, “Boca de fumo” and “Rich Guys (”’Playboyzinhos”’)”, Posto 7 is located at the end corner of jatiתca beach, it’s like a place with some people dressed black and most of them are ugly and drunk, many sellers infiltrated with those not-beautiful crowd, and it’s not a rock concert. Boca de fumo are places (heavy places, dangerous people but if u are a buyer thats ok) located at many places of Jacintinho district, just ask the normal people and they’ll teach u the way. Playboyzinhos are guys with a lot of money that only sells marihuana for fun purposes and to see other people smoking.

Marijuana prices: 10 Reais, 5 Reais, some people sell it with a very low price, but u’ll get a low quality marijuana, although any quality sold here is good indeed.

Marijuana brands: Not so good as mentioned above, but generally the sellers offers some sniff before buying

More information: Overdose with this juana is nearly impossible, and when u got it…you are six feet under already