Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: the new revised narcotics act states that an individual may be arrested if he is in possesion of any parapharnalia with residue. about 5grams can land you life as the death penalty has been abolished for the meantime.

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Posession of any drug is considered a henious crime.

Law enforcement: watch out for the cops

We were st a philippinos house and they got busted for weed but the cops just let us walk off, maybe they don’t want any trouble with foreigners.

Where to buy marijuana: any of the boat guys on maribago bay just ask them they’ll try to charge about 40 bucks for a quater of bush but the quakitys good

if you barter with them then you cn get them down to 10-15.

the familys that live on the land around the hotels can also get ti for you

Marijuana prices: 10-40 per quarter

only by eye unless you have scales

Marijuana brands: regular weed here man never seemn anything else in 2 years

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