Ludvika, Sweden

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: All drug use, possession, acquisition, and trafficking are crimes and are punishable under Swedish law. Setting up a contact between a dealer and consumer is also punishable by law.

The Swedish judicial system divides narcotics offences into minor, simple and aggravated categories based on the amount of drugs involved – regardless of whether there was intent to sell. Those convicted of minor offences can get up to six months in jail. Simple offences carry a three-year sentence, while aggravated convictions garner at least two and a possible 10 years in prison. “Sweden has one of the harshest drugs policies in the world,” wrote journalist Danny Rosenbaum. “In many countries, including Britain, it is common for people in possession of cannabis to face only a caution. In Sweden, however, offenders are always prosecuted.”

Law Enforcement: Police will confiscate any cannabis found, and in most cases they will prosecute. Unders 18s caught with cannabis are normally just given a warning, but if you get a strict cop, then they will take you down.

Of course there are some coppers who look a little between the fingers here a little more in the coutntryside and if it is a tourist they might let u go after a registration and pot nicked.

Where to buy marijuana: Well there arent actually any spoted place’s to buy mariuana or hash. But in the summers look around in the park for people who look’s like stoners and ask gently if they could help u out with “something” usually you get a no but be persistent and friendly and they will try to help u out, use common sence. Usually no cash is needed up front and they will take a knatch (small piece) upon delivery. Usually it will take a couple of hours to get it so set a meeting point or get the guys phonenumber. They will probably bring some hashish which quality differs but in the summer its usually good maroc, also get maroc in the winter but its shite. The best way is to go the bars or one of the clubs or/and at some of the summer event which usually contains all kinds of music and people who can fix “something”. But beware there a lot of idiots but they usually stay away from foreigners as long not being provoked.

Marijuana prices: Hash: 100 SEK for a gram, if you buy 5 grams for 400 SEK which is the most common amount to buy, can be 500 SEK in the summer when it is the good stuff.

Weed commonly has the same price but can be bought from 350 SEK from 5 grams up to 600 SEK

if u buy bigger quantyties u can 15 gram for for 1100 SEK and for 100 grams its 4500 SEK for maroc.

Amphetamin goes for around 250 SEK for 1 gram.

Exctacy 80-140 SEK a pill but are very rare and only come up in diffrent short periods.

Marijuana brands: Good Maroc

Shite Maroc, it just gives a buzz.

White widow

Yellow libanes

Big Bud

Northen Light

All thoose sorts mentioned except the maroc types are only coming in small periods as it is usually pre-ordered through the network or someone brought something from Amsterdam, Denmark. And then it is the happytimes XD

More information: Ludvika, a city with about 20000 (small as shite) citizens is small town located in south of the province Dalarna and are about 220 Km (around 2 h 30 min drive from Stockholm)

Its a beautyful city with a surrounding of lakes and forrest curved in to forms of hills with nice viewspots and are perfect stoning places during the midninght dawn in the summer. A very nice place is Stהllviksberget and are located kind of 1.5 Km North West from the city center and are giving u a nice view and not disturbed Just ask some locals where it is or located it on the local map. In kind of the middle of the town there is a mountain called Hצgberget who has small kinda forrest trails u can stroose around being stoned. And then the area behind the trainstation down at the Lake Vהsman with some nice parks and furthur up crossed a bridge u get to Skuthamn which is a big area with a beach.

U can easy walk around the city in a couole of hour and get the contrast of lake- park-industry area to family houses-city-forrest-hill.

In the area around Ludvika there many nice old forresty flumm places to be at.

Its a very nice place to be in the summer but its sucks in the winter.

Its written by a guy who used to live there for a while.