Ljubljana – Lubliana, Slovenia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The Herb should be legal in Slovenia, but is not. You can grow industrial hemp, but the police still destroy some of it regardless of their own laws.

Law enforcement: The police is somewhat stupid. If you smoke in places where people usually smoke you won’t be bothered. If they catch you smoking you will get a bill and your stash will be gone. Just throw everything away before they get to you and they can’t do harm.

Where to buy marijuana in Ljubljana: Metelkova city (near the main train station) – (but watch out there might be police officers working undercover)(busted 2-times) ask some youngsters (if they say they don’t have any weed try showing them your ID card ( sometimes it works ) just make them sure you don’t work for the police).

You will be very lucky at friday evening. at this time there are many people full of weed.

and also:” You should ask out loud, just go to Metelkova where the youth hostel Celica is, have fun there and soon you will see people smoking near you. You can also check out people relaxing by the river Ljubljanica, just make a walk through the city along the river and use your nose.”

Ljubljana marijuana prices: Good stuff is around 10€ per 1g. The slovenian homegrown is very very cool, usually you get it for 5€ per 1g.

Brands: Anything, you can get anything. Homegrown is called “Domaica” or “Trava”.

More information: There are some bars that don’t kick you out if you smoke there, but it is better if you smoke outside. You can even smoke while walking through the city, no one will bother if you are discreet.