Limerick, Ireland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: The cannabis legislation in Ireland has been changed in 2006. Cannabis is the only drug seperated from the drug laws in Ireland. Every other drug is under Irish law apart of a drug schedule e.g Heroin, Crack, Cocaine etc is Schedule 1 and so on. Cannabis has a three strike system get caught once a caution twice second caution third court appearance.

If you don’t make a fuss, posession of a small amount will merit confiscation (probably). more than one bag (or piece of hash) may get you arrested, more than that means court date.

Law Enforcement: The Gardai in Ireland are like any other police force in the world it can vary. One Garda might take you in another mighten but the new laws protect the Irish cannabis smokers.

Where to buy Marijuana in Limerick: On the north side of the city. Hash is not hard to come by – try Dolan’s Warehouse, or any of the parks around the city; come in groups of three, at least, and ask around discreetly. The local colleges are usually the best option, however; students are less likeley to try and rip you off, For a visitor, weed may be very hard to come by.

Limerick Marijuana Prices:

Soap Bar








50 euro bags (roughly 5grams of grass)

Weed (sinsemilla, all strains)



250-350euro-28grams (ounce)

Hash Oil


Brands: Hash Bars- common*

Weed/Grass- common

Pollen- rear

Chonic- very rear

More Information: At the moment there is a low supply of Hash Bars in the city due to alot of garda crack downs