Limassol, Cyprus

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal and so is any related action.

Cannabis sentences can reach 8 years. You are legally allowed 30 grams or 3 plants not to be considered a dealer (if you’re not a dealer you get a huge fine and/or a small sentence).

another reporter added: “if you get caught, you are fu**ed!! Unless you are very very very very connected. Cops will beat you to a pulp and arrest you. This is not Europe man! They do not follow the rules. Amnesty I/tnl should get involved. My advice is simple. Smoke on, enjoy yourselves but under no circumstances get caught. If you are being pulled over and you are holding…eat it and always have water to wash it down. And the potheads saga continues…”

Law enforcement: Cops can’t do anything to you if they don’t find anything on you. Never admit you smoked (they aren’t allowed to take a force blood or urine test on you). If you get caught you will probably get your ass kicked. Girls will be let off much more easily

another reporter added: “if you are dealing you will go to jail.

If you get busted for a joint, they arrest you and let you go after 3 or 4 days to scare you. If you’re local you’re FUCKED!!”

Where to buy marijuana: if you r a tourist you’re f**ked!! Anything u buy will be laced. u might as well get drunk with some of the most expensive liquor u can get your hands on as this will definitely save you a few pounds. If you know at least one “rich” local who is an avid smoker and you trust them, this is the only way you are guaranteed to get the good s**t. If you ask around the right circles, you can also find mushrooms from Holland. Brilliant!! A little tip. Most upper class 25 -35 yr olds are all potheads… very hush hush and some not…

Marijuana prices: Limassol is the drug capital of Cyprus( due to the main port being located there). The prices are cheaper than in other cities

Normal Limassol prices

10-15 pounds for a gram

50 pounds for 7-8 grams( unless you’re an idiot that gets ripped off)

and also:

worst case scenario: Best case scenario:

3 grams = 50 pounds 5 g’s 50 pounds

1/4 oz ( which in Cyprus

is 6.4 g’s)= 100 pounds 1/4 0z. 7g’s=70

1 oz. 25 g’s = 350 pounds 1 0z. 29 g’s 280

Marijuana brands: Limassol has some white widow and other brands brought from Amsterdam. Hash is extremely rare in Cyprus, and usually high quality coz its brought from Lebanon

and also: “Very shitty skunk from the other side laced with poison for the above prices. ( you can recognize this shit from the texture. If it’s wet, stinks, smells unfamilliar…etc etc etc…DONT BUY IT!!!)

Local or Albanian crap for about 200 an 0z.

The best shit money can buy… do you have the right connections?? Unfortunately that’s the only way to get high here. So bring you weed from home and be stress free. No dangers at the airport as long as you don’t bring a kilo.”