Lima, Peru

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Peru, and so is any related action. It is in fact a criminal offense.

Law enforcement: Seemed very strict. Expect to be searched. And searched again. Also expect seller to tip off cops.

and also: “The police will definitely search you and mess with you if you’re seen buying. However, being that it’s Peru, you can also usually bribe your way out of any problems…”

and : “There are a lot of cops around certain places, especially in Miraflores to protect all the gringos. Before I came to Lima, I was warned that the city is very strict about it, but from talking to stoners from the city, it is not really so. I dont have any first hand experience here, but from people I have met, I have heard the following:

-If you just have a joint, they won’t do anything.

-If you have more, you can most of the time slip them a couple of soles. But dont offer to go to an ATM to get more or something, because they will make you give them all your money”

Where to buy marijuana: I can only talk about getting pot as a tourist, but if you are looking here, most likely you are also a tourist….

Miraflores is the place where all the gringos are, and where there are tourists, there are people selling things to tourists. If you go the park near the Ovalo de Miraflores, especially during the night, especially on the weekends, you will surely get offered marijuana. However, you may not recognize it right away.

There are men who stand near the crosswalks by the Avenida de Pizza, a little walkway full of touristy restaurants and discos. These men have little papers, often with semi-nude women on them that they hand out to everyone. You can easily ignore them, but if you give them a second to explain, they will probably ask you if you want some pot. It is called yerba most of the time, but you will get the picture. If you turn them down, they will offer coke, then prostitutes.

Other ways to buy pot:

-Know someone who smokes pot and has connections.

-Make friends with random drunk Peruvians (most are anxious to talk to gingos for one reason or another), and ask them how to get it. They can at least give you some tips.

Marijuana prices: It really depends. You can find small packets (1-2gr) of decent herb in Miraflores for 10 – 20 soles. Or you can get some decent stuff, although slightly seedy, in Barranco for 20 soles for around 10gr and 40 soles for 30gr. Ask around.

and also: “In Miraflores, I bought a little package that I rolled about 6 joints from, for 20 soles, which is about 7 dollars. Not a bad price, but another time, when buying through a Peuvian stoner from an actual dealer, my friends got around an ounce for 40 dollars.”

Marijuana brands: I think most of the stuff around is basically mid of the line stuff. I am sure there is some dank, and specfic types somewhere, but it is hard to find if you dont have mny connections.

More information: Don’t be put off. Great country, if a little tense. A big bag of weed and a 7 day trip into the Amazon rainforest is hard to beat. And there are no cops there.