Leuven – Louvain, Belgium

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: In belgium it is legal to posess up to 3 grams of cannabis if you are an adult over 18 yo. If you are, you won’t get into a lot of trouble is you are having some with you. Though you are legal to have weed in your posession, you are not allowed to smoke it in public places and especially not nearby minors.

Law enforcement: Since leuven is a city with a high density of students, you can smell weed all over town, especially on hot summer evenings; but the police is always trying to stop people from smoking and they can definately cause problems. The best way to keep yourself from getting caught is by smoking somewhere private or in the woods / park / …

Where to buy marijuana: Weed can be bought easily around the old market, which is a place with a lot of bars, but you have to be careful because it’s right near the police department. If you cannot find weed there, you can always try talking to some students and you will probably find some weed.

Marijuana prices: The prices vary from 4-5 euro’s to 7-8 euro’s per gram which should give you some high quality weed.

Marijuana brands: Most weed is grown locally by in- and outdoor growers, but you also find a lot of shopweed that has been imported from the netherlands.