Letterkenny, Ireland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: The cannabis legislation in Ireland has been changed in 2006. Cannabis is the only drug seperated from the drug laws in Ireland. Every other drug is under Irish law apart of a drug schedule e.g Heroin, Crack, Cocaine etc is Schedule 1 and so on. Cannabis has a three strike system get caught once a caution twice second caution third court appearance.

Law enforcement: Not too bed, depends on what Gardai you meet, sometimes they’ll just take your bag but that’s it, they are mainly on the look out for hard drugs like cocaine and E’s

Where to buy marijuana: If you know the right people your good but if your not in the loop your best bet is smoking area’s of pubs. mainly McGinleys on the main street or The Orchard Inn on the High Road.

Marijuana prices: Pretty bad,

2.5grams – €50

6 grams – €100

1/4 – €120

this is weed prices as hash is all soapbar and would not recommend ANYONE to smoke it.

Marijuana brands: You’ll find terrible Soapbar, i dont recommend it to anyone, its low THC levels and full of plastic, best bet is fresh weed which is available