Las Cruces, NM, New Mexico

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Updated: 09/06/2008

Smoking tolerance level: 4-smoker friendly town

Legislation: Ounce: Wirtten Court Summons; basically a ticket. Non-arrestable offense. Former Gov. Johnson was all for legalization but he’s out and Gov. Bill Richardson has the oval office in his sites so he’s not about to go pro-legal!

Legislation: New Mexico has a medical marijuana that takes effect July 1, 2007: “Governor Bill Richardson signed Senate Bill 523, “Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act,” into law on April 2, 2007. The new law takes effect on July 1, 2007. The law mandates the state Department of Health by October 1, 2007, to promulgate rules governing the use and distribution of medical cannabis to state-authorized patients. These rules shall address the creation of state-licensed “cannabis production facilities,” the development of a confidential patient registry and a state-authorized marijuana distribution system, and “define the amount of cannabis that is necessary to constitute an adequate supply” for qualified patients.” “debilitating medical condition” means:

(1) cancer;

(2) glaucoma;

(3) multiple sclerosis;

(4) damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord, with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity;

(5) epilepsy;

(6) positive status for human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome;

(7) admitted into hospice care in accordance with rules promulgated by the department; or

(8) any other medical condition, medical treatment or disease as approved by the department;” Sources: and

Law enforcement: Pollice here will be leinent if you’re pollite, a small amount will often be thrown aside. Driving while smoking, or obviously high, will get you in serious trouble. Stay out of parks, go elswhere. May I recomend a peacfull scenic ditch bank, many young local smokers frequent these out of these out of the way monuments to agriculture that snake throughout the city.

and also:” Cops will only really mess with you if they have reason to believe you are selling. Driving and smoking is very tolarated but very easy to get away with. Gennerally speaking an incident with end with you dumping your sack and/or a blue slip. If you have to go to court, the only misdomeaner judge here smokes.”

Where to buy marijuana: You may find some hookups at local coffe shops, or brew pubs, especially on live music nights. The comuntity is very tolerant of marajuana use, even among non-users, so asking around is not dangerous. Low prices lead to generosity, so even if you can’t score a sack, you’ll likely end up smoked out.

Probably around campus is the best. The school is a little on the “right” side politically so look for people with long hair, tie-die, or any other 420 garb, we’re a friendly people so just ask nicely! The houses across from campus frequently have friendly folk in them!

another reporter added: “This place has LOADS of marijuana! Finding schwag is as easy as finding dro, if you know the right people. Again, people on campus are pretty friendly, and actually lean toward the left, so if you ask, you’ll pretty much recieve, or they’ll know someone where you can receive. The neighborhoods around campus are littered with people who smoke, so asking around there isn’t always a bad idea either. A nice college town with nice people that are tolerant of marijuna and respective users.”

and also: “Hang out with the locals and youll find it pretty damn easy. Dealers here wont sell to you if you act stupid, so dont call someone you dont know and ask.”


7 grams – 10 bucks

14 grams – 20 bucks

28 grams – 40 bucks


one gram will run you about 20-30 depending on how well you know the guy and the quality.

an 8th will be 50 at friend prices, 60 for the average consumer, and 70 for ‘medical’

a quad can go from 100 – 120

a half will go for about 200 – 220

a whole o will run around 400 depending on the quality, ive seen $600 o’s. It is very easy to find someone who will sell this quantity to you.

Marijuana brands: Messila Valley Madness is the hometown hero, but good luck finding it. The family that grows it has been in town for about 30 years and has no intention of getting caught. If you do find it youll know it by the wattery smell to it and the upper high.

Blueberry kush, purple kush, master kush, trainwreck, ‘medical’ (what we call stuff that has no name but blows your mind).

If your in town around christmas prepare yourself for some of the darkest purple kush you will ever see. no shit it looks like little grape buds.

More information: If you walk into Phat glass and even say the word bong the owner will have you kicked out. The city and PD have been giving the shop alot of shit, and they dont need yours.

Stay away from the tweak here, it all comes from mexico and none of its clean. same for coke.

Check out the local headshops for a custom made piece for less than $100, often while you wait.

Come on down to LC, you’ll like it.