Larnaca, Cyprus

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 1

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal and so is any related action. In the eyes of the Cypriot Police Force using the good old “Its for personal use.” doesn’t quite cut it.

Law enforcement: If the cops notice you doing anything even vaguely suspicious, they’ll come up and start giving you all sorts of shit. Extreme discretion when smoking publicly is advised. The best time and place to smoke without being bothered is in either a school or on the beach late at night. Police Brutality usually goes unpunished and they intensely dislike foreigners, especially English ones. So watch your arse.

Where to buy marijuana: Sorry, but if you havent got the hook-up youre pretty much screwed. Even if you do have the hook up, its still a real hassle to get some puff (you have to order it in advance, wait 5 hours for it, jump through a whole load of unnecessary hoops basically).

Marijuana prices: After Cyprus replaced the pound with the euro the prices went sky high.

It used to be 10CYP per gram and you could find the occasional ounce for 200 (really nice Cypriot homegrown shit aswell).

But times have changed, its mainly hash now and if you can find any weed it’ll be a shitty amount and its all incredibly expensive:

20-30 Euros-1g of Lebanese, Moroccan or Afgani hash

20-25 Euros-1g of some skanky dirt weed mixed with male leaves 40-50 Euros-1g of Skunk. (Not bad stuff, but who in their right minds would pay that kind of dosh for one gram?)

Marijuana brands: Moroccan Hash–hard, dark. Fluffs up nicely when heated.

Lebanese Hash–Very golden colour. Really uplifting high.

Afgani Black–The Sticky Stuff.

Sketchy local dirtweed–Smells sketchy, tastes sketchier. Usually a crap amount with alot of stems. No seeds though.

Skunk–Its well good shit.

More information: Dont Do Drugs!