Lagos, Nigeria

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Nigeria and so is any related action

Law enforcement: Depends on who you ask. Some say to be discreet, others smoke in front of the police on the street.

Nigeria is Known as the third most corrupt country in the world. So a couple of dollars will get you a long way..

Where to buy marijuana: Akerele around the market is where you get the good ganja. Around African Shrine, Agidingbi, and Oshodi you will also find alot of pot.

Our latest info says go to the beaches. Koramo beach is our little Amsterdam. Nigerians love to get high in front of the ocean and enjoy the view for hours!!!

Marijuana prices: 10 Grams goes fore N400 around 3 dolars

another reporter added: “200 Naira (Nigerian currency) – about $1.50 for 5-8 individually sized “wraps.”

Marijuana brands: Indian Hemp, Eja, Pot, Spiff,Obi, Cannabis or Igbo

another reporter added: “Bush. Once in a while, something will be imported from Ghana – it’s a little better.”