Kristiansand, Norway

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: The Norwegian government outlaws all possession and use of hash or pot.

Law Enforcement: From our local reporter:”My friend got busted in Kristiansand (5th largest city in Norway) and we were in a park..we saw police all the time but it was easy to hide. They caught us out with a few plain clothes policemen. We ought to have noticed, but we were too stoned. It’s always 2 or more people usually walking around slowly and having no fun. Pretty easy to spot so long as your not out of it. He got fined 2000 Kroner but expect to pay more. Also as a note it is illegal to drink in public like in the US so if you see police it pays (Or rather you don’t get fined) to hide your beer.”

a word of warning.. Police do patrol these areas, and so do undercover cops. On the 4th day of smoking at the same park with locals we met, we were busted by undercover police. I can’t give much advice on how to avoid getting caught. That’s your choice!

Where to Buy Marijuana in Kristiansand: During the Quart Festival period marijuana can be bought outside the festival in a small park which faces the seafront and has 3 fountains in it.. Simply turn left before going over a bridge towards the music, and walk with the seafront through the sponsor area (you don’t need to have a wristband or ticket to be in this area). Keep on walking until you see the park, it’s only a few hundred meters.

Me and a friend, easily picked up 1.5g’s of perfectly block-formed dark hash.. Can’t say a bad thing against it. Just sit on the grass, and make friendly eye contact with potencial dealers.. Smile and make a gesture, maybe even mouth ‘hash’. A few somalians across from us quickly caught on and invited us over. 20 seconds later, both of the parties were satisfied.. 😀 Just be nice to who you meet and they’ll be nice to you.

Kristiansand Marijuana Brands and prices: 100 Kroner is the standard price for a gram of hash but you can get it for 80 if your lucky. Evertime time I have linked hash in norway they have thrown in at least 1/2 a gram extra for free.