Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Almost legal. The Herb should be legal in Slovenia, but is not. You can grow industrial hemp, but the police still destroy some of it regardless of their own laws.

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Law enforcement: It’s illegal to grow or sell marijuana in slovenia, smoking is theoretically legal. If you get busted with joint, some cops open it and send it to analysis. Actually you don’t have any chance to get busted.

Where to buy marijuana: Easily you can get it in “Preernov gaj” at friday night. Just walk around and ask somebody with a joint. When you don’t get it in about 5 tries you probably won’t get it. You can also walk through the city and use your nose. You can also get it at “Bosanc”(place with benches and nature almost in the town centre, but very hidden), ask somebody younger where it is.

Marijuana prices: 8 euro – 1gram of skunk

5 euro – 1gram of “domaica” (homegrown outdoor weed) – usually good quality weed

30 euro – 10 grams of “albanka” or “bosanka” (outdoor grown weed from albania and bosnia) – crap, usually without or with very little of smell, looks bad because of transport, lots of seeds

More information: Good luck gettin’ your marijuana and good luck not meeting cops

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