Koln, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

Legislation: The posession of marijuana for personal use in Berlin is tolerated, as long as the amount does not exceed a quantity of 10 grams. Nonetheless, I would not suggest traveling around the city with 10 one gram baggies in your pocket.

Law Enforcement: The police drove right passt, stopped, looked and kept driving. I wouldnt push your luck though Germans are tough.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Bonn: I am from Australia and have been travelling for a while now, I seem to run into some good luck when trying to score.

Anyway. Koln isnt a big city, nor a very popular city for tourists, besides the legendary Koln cathedral – there is nothing to see. And there are less people who speak good English. Don’t bother asking kids or punks in spikes and black tshirts, these days you can buy that shit at Kmart so clothing means fuck all. Its more of an older persons job to sell the shit and even smoke it, I got laughed at when I asked around outside the Koln central station and the Cathedral.

I have found that in order to get info on where to get drugs, drop a few coins into a homeless persons cup and ask them, they usually know where to go and will help give you directions if they an speak any good english, even if they dont, communication is generally ok. If you speak Spanish in any European country you will be OK. I have been asked in Italy, Germany, England and Finland if I speak spanish… so it pays to know it.

Where to score. If you are in the centre of town at the main train station Koln HBF – right next to the cathedral. Take an underground train 2 stops to Eberplatz. Right outside the tation there is a little open space with a big ugly sculpture in it and a few people drinking beer and hanging out. All sorts of people, locals, homeless, oldies, serbians and tourists. Ask one of the beer drinking German locals (younger not older) if they know where to get Hashish… there is a guy that can help you out, they will point you in the right direction… he is usually around between 1 and 6pm and might be able to get Hydro buds if you catch the train to his friends house with him… I got this info from a homeless guy sitting at the door to the Koln cathedral, it cost be 20 cents. It paid off. On the weekend, there are some dodgier looking people hanging on the steps to Koln Cathedral that might be worth asking.

from my experience, these people are generally harmless, jsut don’t give them a reason to hate you. I was lucky being Australian, they didnt like the idea of us being British and they hated the idea that we might be American. Sorry guys, you have a bad rep!

Koln Marijuana Prices: I got 4 grams for 20 euro. Great bargain. Average about 5 euro per gram if they like you. Or 7-10 euro if they are out to make some money. That is for hashish. Indoor buds might be harder to come across, especially in the winter months… and more expensive.

We were told to go to Bonn for better hash and ‘other stuff’ – Bonn is a bus ride or train ride from Koln centre. About 45mins. And the people to ask would be outside the station in Bonn. We didnt try though.

Brands: Hash is the go here. Hydro buds require more effort. apparently 10 grams of Bud costs about 50 euro and 1 gram costs 15 euro.

More information: Pay repect to the locals, try an speak a bit of German and dont be loud mouthed and arrogant. If they dont like you, walk away, most of the time they are happy for your business.

Oh and dont let them know how much you pay in your own country, they might up thier price if you are used to paying more.