Kiryat Ata, Israel

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Illegal, but no cop is gonna search on tourists.

Law enforcement: personally, at night i smoke a joint while walking on the street and never had problems. still i would be just a bit careful and aware of any police approaching.

Where to buy marijuana: as a tourist, any man with long hair will usually love to help 🙂 also young people wearing kind of hippie clothes. very few of those types in kirat ata though, so it’s better to try in the nearby Kibbutzes of ramat-yokhanan, kefar hamaccabi and usha. there are a LOT of dealers in Kiryat Ata but most of them are suspicious and u need to know someone to get a ‘ticket’ in. In the other krayot nearby it might be easier to find people with ‘the look’ of a stoner (i’d recommand on kiryat bialik for that 🙂 ).

Marijuana prices: 1 New Israeli Shekel = ~4 USD = a bit more than 5.5 Euro = 10 Indian Ruppies 🙂 (November 2007)

Home grown weed (called hydro among smokers, eventhough it might be grown in soil) – between 50-80 NIS per gram. but very hard to get in Kiryat Ata. try central israel for that.

Egyptian Ganja – 50 NIS per a box of matches packed with weed (about 5 grams. 100 NIS for 25 grams. 150-200 NIS for 50 grams.

Hash – 100 NIS for 5 grams.

Charas – 300-500 for 10 grams. very hard to get.

Marijuana brands: Today (november 07) it’s very hard to get the cheap weed in israel. the egyptian weed has many seeds and stems but sometimes can be not bad at all. since the egyptian border has been sealed with more law enforcement forces, people started growing at home for sale. but in kiryat ata it’s hard to get.

easy to get is the hash which is either from Lebanon (relatively bright, soft and soft high is one kind. the other kind of lebanese is darker but very hard – called adolan (methadon) on the streets, eventhough it’s bullshit) or from afghanisthan (dark but softer).

Some people talking about morrocan hash, it’s possible but mostly it’s all just names for the same lebanese stuff.

Indian Charas is possible only if u know someone who just came back from india and he’s got big balls (many israelis go there, some come back with surprises in their pockets 🙂 )

More information: Kiryat Ata has nothing to offer tourists 🙂