Ketchikan, AK, Alaska

Marijuana Laws

On November 4th, 2014 Alaska citizens voted YES on Ballot Measure 2 to legalize marijuana. This act legalizes and taxes marijuana at a wholesale rate of $50 per ounce. This will open up Alaska to recreational facilities.

Medical marijuana has been in Alaska for a while but dispenaries have never been allowed to exist.

Law enforcement
Police Officers will hastle you if you are being obvious and hitting pipes or other large smoking devices out in public areas. You can easily puff a joint or small cigarette shaped pipes.

Where to buy marijuana in Ketchikan
The docks by the Tunnel may have a crowd of people there. If they are there, ask around some of the Stonerish looking skateboarders. Also by the mall you can find some older stonerish looking people.

Ketchikan marijuana prices
Outrageously high. Very saddening. 25 Dollars a gram. 75 for eighths.

There is a very potent local strain called Mud Bite, which apparently got second or third in some Marijuana fair in Amsterdam. You may run into matinuska Mist, Blueberry strains, Skunk, and just in general, really good chronic.

More information
The weed in Ketchikan will almost always be good. If you are buying outside of town in the roads north or south, you may run into some bad weed, but still there is absolutely delecious weed in those places too. Town will always bring good results. Very good weed, high priced.