Kasul, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: no rules!! they have there own set of rules. this is the place where the best hash in the world is grown. its full of israelies and italians who have been staying there more than they have stayed in their hometown. the city is full of cafes and lounges and all are HOT BOX!. police is walking on the road and people are booming chillums in front of them. Law enforcement: they don’t care. the maximum is that there is a raid in a cafe, then they would break all the chillums and and give u a warning.

Where to buy marijuana: this is the town where hash is grown. its EVERYWHERE (litrally) Marijuana prices: ranging from 250 rs – 2000 rs(5$ – 50$) for aprox. a 10gram finger of hash.

Marijuana brands: junglee (made is less hours of rubbing) gold (is softer as compared to junglee and a better high) super gold (made by beating hash on hand, the king of hash)