Juneau, AK, Alaska

Marijuana Laws

On November 4th, 2014 Alaska citizens voted YES on Ballot Measure 2 to legalize marijuana. This act legalizes and taxes marijuana at a wholesale rate of $50 per ounce. This will open up Alaska to recreational facilities.

Medical marijuana has been in Alaska for a while but dispenaries have never been allowed to exist.

In Alaska it was recently ruled that up to one ounce of pot is legal for adults, striking down a recent decriminalization bill. If you go over an ounce there are still penalties—90 days jail/$1000 and it’s a misdemeanor.

Law enforcement
Law enforcement is recently undergoing shortages, and there are plenty of places to smoke openly (lots of park and wooded areas). However Alaska has the worst drunk driving rates in the nation so be very wary if you are to smoke on the road even though you shouldn’t be anyways. The cops aren’t dumb in Juneau but their patrol routes are very limited, spanning the whole city you are unnlikely to see any police, and where i live i have never seen a cop that far out.

Where to buy marijuana in Juneau
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Marijuana prices: Prices and weights very raraly fluxtuate. If you run into somebody charging more than this (for under an ounce) flip them the bird and walk off, they are a douschebag. Gram: 20$, Eights (3.5g’s): 60$, quarters(7g’s): 120$, and ounces(28.3g’s): 420-550.

Summer prices are usually higher, most people will charge you $25 a G for anything under a half ounce.

Brands: Matinuska thunderfuck is a very good strain, but in very short supply. Most is homegrown, BC, Washington or Oregon Bud. All usually very good, but try to stay away from buying bud from anyone who lives downtown (bottomfeeder shit).

More information: Juneau is in my opinion the most beautiful and amazing town in the world. Visit soon.