Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Traffiking=DEATH

Large Quantities=DEATH

Small Amounts or Consumption=hefty prison term that may kill you before you get out….

Don’t get caught!!!!!!

and also: “Very stirct, death penalty for any weed caught if they decide to charge you under Dangerous Drugs Act Sect 39B which carried the mandatory death sentence. In some ca$e$, they may amend it to Sect 39A(2) which carries a min.of 5 years jail term + 10 times “rotan””

Law enforcement: Police are somewhat common in the city areas(don’t smoke out on the street). There are not many good spots outside so I recommend a hotel room even if you are just visiting for the day. This country does not approve of cannabis.

people generally mind their own business, so if you smoke make sure you away from crowds

Where to buy marijuana: it’s very tricky… the buds are there almost everywhere but yet for a foreigner, it’s quite difficult to engage someone who is willing to involve in anything that relates to Sect 39A or similar.

Johor Bahru (JB) is well known as a a city where most Singaporeans will splurge on the nightlife and food here, there are a few places close to town you can get it but it’s totally out of question if you look foreign.

the best bet is to get a local to hook you up, most people will know something but their are very discreet, hook up someone in bars or the best way and safe way to go is to approach the so-called parking attandant, they are homeless of usually addicts desperate to earn a few dollars working as parking ” assistant” you can find them in many streets , just lookout for them. They are cool and you can be straight fwd with them. You dun hv much choice but to ask them to lead you to it. Do not approach the dealers, tell your contacts to get it while you wait nearby or you can play safer by asking him to score a small amt firstly with a tip. Then come back for more when he had delivered the first

Marijuana prices: really depends on a lot….

heard a kilo is 3000 ringit

the prices can be very different according to who you visit.

try to get the best deal.

and also: “typically :

small bag = Rm10

small sliced “cake” abt 2g/3g = RM50

25g = RM 150

50g = RM 300″

Marijuana brands: mostly schwag type contains stems seeds etc but sometime you get lucky, you can get acheh bricks which is much less seeds/stem etc and a nice mellow effect, it’s quite strong.

If you have good contact, you may get some sensimilla, strains unknown as these dealers know nothing about strains. if you’re lucky you can score some nice high quality homegrowns, it taste and smelled like skunk/diesel strains but no way to make sure. Powerful and good but much more expensive a brick of 15gr cost you RM 300

and also: “It mostly comes from Thailand in brick. Also you can get brick from indonesia. There is no GREAT weed here, no nugs, this shit is all made in very large quantities(all traffiked shit, no home grown)”

More information: This is a cool place to get baked but they do not sell swishers anywhere. For you blunt rollers, I reccomend bringing your own. And if you dont have the nuts to ask random ppl for weed here, you might as well not come because noone is going to offer it to you.

sometimes the prices fluactuate, the dealer jacks up the price of give you a much smaller piece. they go by size not weight most of the time, so somtimes you get fucked up, it’s not the fault of the parking attendant