Johannesburg, South Africa

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Posession is illegal, so bare in mind that if you are unlucky enough to get caught, you may be fined $20.

another reporter added: “From what I understand Marijuana has been decriminalized in RSA. If you are caught with 1-5g it’ll be a R200 fine, 6-10g R400 and so on and so forth until 35g at which point you are considered a dealer and will be sent to jail. ”

Law Enforcement: The police don’t tend to arrest any kind of drug users, although it is not legal to smoke.

and also: “The cops don’t care!! I’ve smoked for 4 years out on the roads or in parks most the time and I’ve never been busted! ”

Where to Buy Marijuana in Johannesburg: A good source of pure Swazi and Skunk (occasionally) is in a li’l reggae/rastafarian shop in Brixton (near Mayfair, central JHB). It’s a minature version of the African Herb shop in CT city. Go in, buy what you want, and leave – R50 for a jiffy bag (bigger than a normal bankie), and the same price for skunk for a bag slightly smaller than a regular bankie – Open until 7pm most days – Try to avoid buying from the car guards – they are runners for the main dude, but will sometimes try to charge you more.

and also: “A great place to buy marijuana in Johannesburg is at the flee market in Village Walk. It is a bit pricy there but it’s worth it, especially if you are staying in Sandton Central. If you are really desperate then just ask the first black guy on the street and he’ll point you in the right direction, sidewalk shops are a great place to buy or enquire.”

Johannesburg Marijuana Brands and Marijuana prices:

Swazi is the most common brand, it is good weed with a good kick for around $5 USD per bankie (20-25 grams) On just about any street corner.

Durban Poison= Kick-ass weed for around the same price as Swazi, although very difficult to find.

Malawi= Very good for around the same price as the rest.

Good quality hydro weed is sold for just about anything from $30 to $150 a bankie (25 grams)

and also: “bankies” (+-25g) will set you back anywhere between R20 and R100 otherwise you can buy a gram of a superior strand for about R90.”

more info.: Just keep a relaxed attitude when buying because dealers are sometimes a tad paranoid. Also make sure that what you are buying is not laced with ammonia, you can usually tell by the smell and color but if you really wanna make sure most dealers will offer a sample to smoke there.

webehigh city’s tale:

South-Africa is a small country at the most southern tip of Africa.

Now if you come into South-Africa via Johannesburg International Airport

You should be in luck as Johannesburg is situated on the main routes bringing weed Into South Africa from Swaziland.

Swazi is also the most popular weed in South Africa and finding any is like Finding USA on a map.Easy!

Swazi is grown in a very small country in S-A, and bringing it in is no problem.

Swazi is not the only weed going around here. You will also find Durban Poison (DP) but not very easily.

Please bear in mind that the posesseion is illegal and you will be prosecuted! That meaning maybe a 20 USD fine,

If you are unlucky enough to be caught…

Just a quick bit of history.

If you know anything about S-A history you will surely know About apartheid and such.

Apartheid was basically our previous government (white no black) succeeding

in oppressing the blacks to the gain of the whites.

That has been rectified in some ways but the black man is still pulling on the short-end of the income rope.

Therefore you will mostly find weed from black-men sitting all over the place.

Good stuff too!

I reckon in some way the police lets this pass as the sellers use the money to buy

Food for their families.

Harsh, but reality!

Our currency is not the strongest around so you can pick up weed for very cheap.

Swazi= Good weed with a good kick for around 5 USD per bankie (25 grams)

On just about any street corner.

Durban Poison= Kick-ass weed for around the same price as Swazi.

Very difficult to find.

Malawi= Very good for around the same price as the rest. Comes wrapped in

Corn leaves (that is how it is dried). Go to Bruma Lake (anybody will tell where)

Just look for a hemp shop or the people selling african artifact.

You can also get local for about 70 USCents.

Not too good but good if you Bong it!