Jakarta, Indonesia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: it is illegal to posess or smoke marijuana in this country

DEATH upon conviction, even a small plant with no flowering lands you at least US$2500 fine + jail term. Not sure if caught with a handful of buds though.

Law enforcement: sometimes enforced, but other times the police just looks the other way.

The police has no idea what marijuana looks/smells like, but be careful of drugraids. Smoking up in public is no problem, as long as there is no police around. If locals catch you they will just laugh. I my self rolled a big joint while walking on one of the major streets (at midnight).

usually slacks, they are more intere$ted in swooping big nightclubs where all the action is, to be safe, stay away from nightspots..

Where to buy marijuana: Kampung Ambon in Cengkareng is the wholesale marijuana hub in Jakarta, it is where the best stuff is sold. Other places to find would be in the discotheques, just ask the dealers scattered around.

A good place to get weed from is Block M near a mall called “pasar raya”. just ask one of the indonisians hanging around, selling DVD. The weed in Block M is good but if you want to score hash, go to the north, to “Glodok” or “Mangga Dua”. Another good place to get weed is Kemang, dont be afraid to ask people, its totaly safe.

and also: “this is tricky, I have followed the advice from previous report >Kampong Ambon, it’s difficult to find and the area is home to the notorious illegal settlers, robbers/snatchers etc. Totally unsafe even for locals, most taxi driver will refuse at night.

For ease of convenince, you can go to the disco in town and ask the many dealers inside. most will offer you MDMA but they do have weed as well. It’s expensive there cos it’s all pre-rolled tiny joints, made up from 2 mini skin, amount of weed inside is just as much as 1 bong hit mixed with clove tabacco.

One particular spot which has at least a few dealers aggresively approach you as you enter, is the infamous ST*D**M, (=sports ground).”

Marijuana prices: 0.5-1$/g good qualety 30$/150g bad qualety

small packets for Rp 150,000 big packets Rp 400,000

also: “Rp20,000 for a mini joint”

Marijuana brands: -The best weed comes from Aceh, some is good (hindu kush) some is bad (plant unknown). never buy weed from Bandung, its extremly bad.

-Nepal Hash

More information: Jakarta is not famous for its weed but for its XTC witch starts at 2$ per pill.