Iqaluit, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Canada, though practically de-criminalized. This is probably due to the fact that Canada has amazing bud.

Law enforcement: the cops will throw the weed away if its under an ounce, Or they take em and confascate them to be smoked:P

Where to buy marijuana: umm just look for people saying kachini or walk round the roads in the downtown-happy vally areas smelling like weed, just walk in and say you selling or you got any. most grams in the ttown could vary from .6 gram to 1.8 grams by new down southers selling shit. some people even deliver the weed to your door step or on the street,.

Marijuana prices: 20-30 dollars per gram

1/4 ounce 140-150 (7gs)

1/2 ounce 300(14gs)

1/1 ounce 450-600(28gs)

Marijuana brands: ummmm in iqaluit , you can get some of the best shit in canada to pretty shaddy tasten weed, usally called the dark shit. usally really strong indica to premature sativas tastin like sh**

More information: usally try and look for weed in teams of 2 or just go solo. many dealers will give you a deal if you’re short a couple bucks(grams) to like 60 bucks in ounces like 75% of the population of nunavut smokes weed. So most people smoke up and you can toke with like any one on the streets in the summer time.