Interlaken, Switzerland

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: It’s illegal to grow, posses and smoke. but you can buy seeds at many grow shops, go figure.

Law enforcement: Don’t walk around the main street with a spliff in your hand yelling I’m high.

Lots of nice secluded areas in and around the town were you can skin up and smoke away.

Where to buy marijuana in Interlaken, Bern: There are two train stations around interlaken (west and east(ost) and 1 main road connecting them.

Cruise to the west train station and walk under the station (the underpass to the other rail road tracks), just look for some younger swissie kids, they are very approachable, although a bit pricey for switzerland it’s still a good buy.

Interlaken Marijuana prices: I wouldnt pay them any more than 15 swiss francs per gram of indoor and not more than 10 for outdoor.

Brands: most outdoor in this area is decent stuff apart from havin seeds.

indoor does the job though sometimes its not properly flushed and doesnt have the full taste.

More information: Don’t be shy to ask, most younger swiss people in this area smoke.