Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Possession of two ounces or less of marijuana is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine up to $2,000. Possession of greater than two ounces is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $4,000. For greater than four ounces the penalty increases to 180 days – two years in jail and a fine up to $10,000. Possession of greater than five pounds carries a penalty of 2 – 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. For greater than 50 pounds the penalties increase to 2 – 20 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. For any amount greater than 2,000 pounds the penalty is 5 – 99 years and a fine up to $50,000.

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Law enforcement: Law enforcement is strict. If they see you with weed, they will take you down. If you smell like weed, they will find something else wrong with you until they can search your vehicle. People are generally much more accepting of it. Just don’t scream that you’re looking to buy some weed and you’ll generally be fine. Being so close to the Mexican border, Houston is one

of the major drug distribution hubs in the USA. They’ll pull you over for the most minor infraction, such as not using your turning signal and demand that they search your car. If you refuse, expect the drug-sniffing dogs. Stories of police corruption is common on the nightly news and in the daily papers. Meanwhile, massage parlors, crack/meth houses, and shooting galleries operate with near impunity, but bribery is not recommended for the tourist. That said, if your holding a small amount and get hassled, assess the situation, and see if honesty will get you off the hook. If you’re lucky, the cop will be cool and make you dump your stash on the road and move on.

Note: This only applies to people in the city of Houston. If you’re caught anywhere outside the city proper, expect to be hassled!!!

Where to buy marijuana: Despite strict law enforcement, you can buy weed anywhere. Just look for some shady people and ask away. and also: “3 ward, 5th ward ,humble”

latest reports put the cronic here: Although the police can be a problem, most people don’t care about herb. Go to any bar, park, festival, etc, and scoring shouldn’t be a problem. Just look for the cool people and sniff around. Odds are you’ll find what you’re looking for. Most people here either smoke, or could careless. Just be cool, ask around, don’t draw attention to yourself, and you’ll be fine.

However a local has asked to pass on this WARNING: “thought i would pass on some info. i wouldn’t suggest for anyone visiting the city to go to any of the wards and ask around for weed. posting that any of the wards in Houston are a place you can look for weed is putting readers in potential danger!! SO readers please be aware of this and use info at your OWN RISK!!

Marijuana prices: Modest skunk 60 $ – 80 $ an ounce commercial and

local low grade hydro 40 $ – 80 $ an ounce

shwag $5=3grams $10=6grams $15=9grams $20 =12grams $50-65=ounze

hydroponic $15=1gram of low grade $25=1gram of name brand

Shwag: $30-80/oz. ($15-20/1/4 oz.)

Hydro: $300-500/0z. ($80-120/ 1/4 oz)

Bubble Hash: $600/oz. ($25+/gram)


Primarily indica. Scattered throughout the city is white widow, northern lights, bubblegum, and Ice (just the strand, not weed laced with meth).

Strawberry Cough, HDF, Blueberry, NYC Diesel, The

Cheese, shwag, etc., etc. Bubble Hash is also available.


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  • David

    Just moved from austin after 3 years there. Anyone in/near the galleria area that can hook me up?

  • tyler

    Can anyone help me out? Text: 281-377-4221

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      • Guest

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    can anybody near Clear Lake help me out

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  • disqus_svJ0qbZt2d

    400$ an oz what u need

    • kg

      i’d buy from ya

    • disqus_IB1JUwWrVY

      hey can i buy from you

  • monkeyman

    Close to dobie anyone got that looking to buy

  • kg

    i like everyone else here is looking for a hookup

  • kg

    like everyone else i’m looking for a hookup email me if you’re legit, i’ll know if you’re not

  • steven

    Across the street from memorial high in pasadena just lost my job of 4 years. Havnt been able to smoke cuz drug testing looking for a connect.

  • steven

    I will meet u for a sack

  • steven

    Sure just be careful. A man pulled a gun out just for glancing at him for 2 se,onds.

  • monkeyman

    Anyone any luck?

    • Guest

      I got some if you need.

      • scrooge


        • Mrhellmore

          were you close to? im in need of the tree

  • disqus_IB1JUwWrVY

    Hi just moved to Houston looking for hook up i am in sugarland area

    • Guest

      I can help you out

  • beck

    I am in Woodland Heights area trying to get a delivery ASAP. It has to be delivery, you must come to me. But I am willing to pay extra.

    text me: 713-257-8687

  • nate326

    I live in cypress need a hookup. Text at 713-501-2449

  • antony

    Just moved back to Houston and looking for a hook up. Text at 8328663988

  • Dj

    I need some smoke tonight!! Hydro please! Txt 636-451-9505 .. Please!

  • Guest

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  • Robert

    Anyone in the Copperfield area that sells hit me up to keep low profile to friends and family just text me saying your looking for Robert 832–851–7678

  • Corey Mack.

    I just moved to the Cypress area 3 days ago from Louisville and I need a new weed connect, if you can help me out, contact me at 5024285083. Only if you’re legit

  • Corey Mack.

    I just moved here and I live in cypress, I need a new connect, if you can help me out contact me at 5024285083

  • Wiggity

    Reliant park area in need of a hookup.

  • Wiggity

    Reliant park area in need of a hookup.

  • AJ

    Just moved to Houston. Anyone sell small amounts?

  • antony

    Anyone with any luck?

    • antony

      I am legit and have cash in hand. Text me at 8328663988

  • Dave

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  • Dave

    In need on the green. Txt me 7132926282

  • scrooge

    any in spring?

  • Jose Rodriguez

    hmu 832606525 need tikets on dat dodi need sum asap in dat htown ptown area

  • Shamps

    Anyone in the U of H that is not super shady about selling to a girl? I’ve exhausted all my contacts! Please email me at

  • Gabe

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    New to the area, SW side. Looking for some bud, no more than 1/8th. Haven’t had any luck asking around town. Any help out here?

  • Gianmarco Becagli

    i’m willing to spend about 100-110 so if anyone available to come and deliver that would be great, please text ! 8328073534

  • Guest

    in the spring area looking for a zip of shwag

  • Maxwell Eddy

    Just moved to NW Houston (b/w 290 and 429, south of 1960, but north of beltway). Looking for a new broker – prefer quality more than anything and ideally someone who doesn’t “look the type”. Been here for about a month and have my own transportation. Name is Maxwell … edloversj at yah00 or text at 814-969-67420 (drop the last 0). Thanks

  • BusyB

    You still around?

  • Mrhellmore

    Hey in the visiting family in the area for holidays. looking for a some one around the cypress area. ready to meet now 817-941-717four

  • Tayjo

    plz help! Tried cl but that was nothing but creepers! I don’t have a vehicle but I have cash!! kik me tayjo1989 I’m east of downtown off Harrisburg and really could use some asap! Cash in hand!

  • ThatChic

    Any cool ladies (or guys that are for real!) with connects for another chic? Srsly, wanting quality not just anything. New to town! NE area, Hit me up: 9waterbearer at gmail

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