Hartford. CT, Connecticut

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: If you get caught with an OZ, its 1 year minimum, or $500 fee and some probation. Don’t let yourself get in trouble!

Law enforcement: This is the Capital of the CT, but cops have more important things to look out for. Lots of crime, and people getting shot here. Beware of Narcs and young ppl who are workin for the cops snitchin

Where to buy marijuana: look out for ppl just posted up starin around in the same spot for hours. Try in the afternoon and into the evening. Go to Park St. or go to the north end to Barbour St.. Trust me dealers want your money in Hartford so they will making the sale isn’t too hard, unless u look like a snitch or a narc. Dress hood, or like some college kid.

RECENT UPDATE: Do not go anywhere in the north end of Hartford, recently (August 2008) a curfew was imposed that everyone under the age of 18 has to be off the streets by 9PM. This is because of the number of shootings and murders that have been happening lately north of Albany ave. and on main st. north of Albany ave. For your own safety do not go to the north end, also if your driving around the north end at night that cops will pull you over for no reason and implicitly ask you what you were looking for. Usually crack, heroin or hookers, take your choice.

If you’re looking to buy go around the south end. Franklin Wethersfield, and maple ave are all good places to look. Just look around gas stations and convenience stores as posted, usually they will hook you up.

Marijuana prices: $5 for seedless mids 3 grams, $20 a quarter of seedless mids, $20 for a g of all sorts of kind bud. Remember lots of this stuff in Hartford comes here from new york, canada, and boston, or it’s homegrown. $80-100 for quarters. anything else higher I would recommend buyin, theres a good chance u might get robbed

Marijuana brands: never gotten anything with seeds, only good fresh quality mids, and some wicked kind bud.

0.8 of a gram for 10

1.4 for 20 bucks

1/8 will usually go between 35-45

More information: WATCH OUT FOR people SELLING “DUST”, or “WATER”. Anything already rolled up don’t smoke and don’t buy. You might end up tripping for a whole day on this mixture of Weed, Formaldehyde, and PCP.

And some More information: “i work in Hartford as a paramedic. There is a huge amount of crime, assaults and murders in the north end of Hartford. Trust me i see it everyday, in my opinion stay out of the north end to buy drugs if u are white.

You will either get robbed or assaulted if not you will totally stick it in the north end because u are a target.