Harbour Island, Bahamas

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 5

Legislation: Illegal but rarely enforced.

Law enforcement: There is usual only 1-3 police officers on duty at a time and hey are mostly there to make sure drunk tourist don’t get in fights with locals. However occasionally there can be federal Bahamian narcotics officers running through one of the bars usually looking for coke dealers. I’ve never heard of the police going after tourists, but as long as yur smart you should be good. You might see some locals smoking spliffs on he street however i woud be weary during the day just to be smart. Smoking in some of the bars/clubs is tolerated. You can always take a stroll on the beach ..(recommended)

Where to buy marijuana: Just about everywhere. Walking around or driving on a golf cart you will smell locals and tourists lighting up. The best bet to score is at night outside Vicums nightclub. Pretty much all of the locals hanging around outside are either dealing or their friend deals, so you just have to ask. During the day just ask anyone who looks like they smoke and they can hook you up.

Marijuana prices: Prices can vary, it all depends on which middle man your dealing with and how much they want to rip you off because your a tourist. The dealers will probably high ball you so don’t be afraid to haggle a little. It’s hard to ge exactly the weight you want, you almost always get less , just know that going into it. Not sure if they don’t know measurement or if they assume all tourists are idiots. Median price is about $50 for an eighter of Bahaian mangrove grown brown frown.

Marijuana brands: I’m sure there’s some good stuff around, but all the weed i saw was extremely brown, plenty of seeds and stems and tasted not so great. However it gets the job done, highly recommend blunt wraps.

More information: The dealers also sell anything else you want. Weed is the favorite down there though, for sure.