Hanoi, Vietnam

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Vietnam, as well as most other social vices. The penalties in the books are very strict, however the police seems to look the other way or will ask for a small negotiable bribe. The big problem in this country is opium and heroin so marijuana is not the police’s first priority.

Law enforcement: If you’re caught smoking weed a big fat bribe may get you out of trouble.

In Hoan Kiem district frequent police patrols were spotted. We have not heard of any foreigners checked but it seems generally unsafe to carry weed in your pockets. Be careful when entering night-clubs, you will probably be searched in your pockets by local security agents.

Smoking in the street/bars/club is better not to be tried.

our most recent report is: “The Vietnamese Government aren’t too bothered about the “white” tourist industry: they are preparing to become a major destination for the emerging Chinese tourist industry. So don’t expect too much patience or lenience if you get caught. Although it’s most likely you’ll serve some time and be deported, bear in mind that you can be executed for drug use in Vietnam. Be careful”

Where to buy marijuana in Hanoi: The easiest way to get it is in Hoan Kiem district (near Hoan Kiem lake). Motorbike taxi drivers (or cyclo riders) will offer you something like this: “Motorbike? Marijuana?”. Since there are frequent police patrols in that area, it seems safer to do all the business during a short ride, where the drivers hands you a pocket of cigarettes filled with weed, you check and pay the price.

Note that usually dealers are almost absent during daytime or while raining.

our most recent report is: “If you’re staying in a back-packer hotel in the “Old city” ask your hotel guys. We bought some stuff on the street late at night and, though it was weed, it had been allowed to go wouldy and tasted foul (binned that lot!). Asking our hotel guys was more productive.”

and also: “Seems hard to find bids in Hanoi….asked around alll the motorbike dudes near HK lake with no success. Eventually scored of a taxi driver, about 300000 VND for about 4 grams of schwag that got me stoned but gave me a headache. ”

and: “As a Canadian who has lived in Hanoi for three years now, I have been very pleased with the quality and cost of weed. There is lots of schwag sold to tourists, but there is also primo Laos bud as well as Thai stick available for cheap if you know the right people.
For Thai stick during the summer (the only time it’s available) head down to Tet Bar at 2a Ta Hien, Hoan Kiem District. Outside a young Vietnamese dude named Than hangs out near the motorbikes and he’s got the goods. 50 grams should cost around US$50.

For excellent Laos buds (autumn, winter and spring), head down to Cha Ca La Vuong Street (Hoan Kiem) and ask a motorbike taxi for a hookup. This stuff is only sold in bags of 50 or 100grams, and is dark green and fluffy with lots of crystals. Should cost between $40-80.
It’s still hard to find papers in this city, despite the prevalence of good cheap weed!”

Hanoi marijuana prices: Prices are ranging from 50.000VND to 100.000VND (3 – 6 USD) for a pack of cigarettes filled with weed. Bargaining is a must, since at first sight you will be asked for anything between 10 – 20$.

Thai stick 50grams (pressed into brick form) = $50
Laos buds 50-100grams = $40-80

Brands: The smoke is not very strong and some varieties definitely need combination with tobacoo, to burn better.

Bush weed. 5/10.

More information: The locals here dont understand “marijuana” or “ganja”. You gotta ask for TAI MA if you wanna get anywhere. Also watch out for the bongs….they smoke straight tobacco outta them.