Hangzhou, China

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Any drug use or associated activity is highly illegal in China, and many people are exucuted by the state for drug crimes every year, including some foreigners. But according to Lonely Planet “Shanghai” it is unsure what line the police would take with a foreign person caught using marijuana, but usaully they don’t seem to mind what foreigners do behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t invovlve a native chinese person

Law enforcement: The police here do not look out for marijuana smoking and some people smoke outside with little to fear from law enforcement.

Where to buy marijuana: Look for a bar called Raggae on Shu Guang Lu near Zhejiang University. Lots of University students including smoking blacks, Indians and Europeans. They have a secluded stairway with tables where people sometimes buy/sell and smoke. Many of these people are students of the University studying Chinese, who are somewhat well off and having a good time.

There is also a West Chinese Muslim community which may or may not have hashish, but I have never dealt with them as I do not want to buy (or smoke but have Chinese people)

Marijuana prices: To buy, about $10 USD a gram (or about 100 RMB).

Marijuana brands: Good green weed. Nothing incredibly strong. Have had good local hashish before.

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