Guayaquil, Ecuador

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: Ecuador permits to carry two marihuana cigarretes for personal use. Growing and Selling are prohibited.

Law enforcement: Policeman are not looking for marihuana smokers and will not prosecute anybody doing it private or smoking at public at a concert or youth festival. Pleople do smoke in the street in lower class neighbourhoods, in the car, and sometimes at work. Weed is not considered a problem and outside rich areas is common to smell it everywhere. If a cop finds you smoking, they will take it away and let you go. Be nice or you will have to take ot extra cash fo the unconviniences.

another reporter added: “Cops won’t sent you to jail if caught smoking pot, since they’ll settle with a good bribe, this is if they find only enough pot to be considered personal use.”

Where to buy marijuana: Anywhere in the city. You can try cerro Santa Ana and Cerro del Carmen, these Hills live and many other places in the city as refugees for small vendor of low cost and low quality Bud. Since city renovation is hat become harder to get Weed downtown. You can still try this Cerros (Hills) and Calle Riobamba, but be carefull of police sneaking around. In the North you can go to Urdesa Norte near the gimnasio. In the south go behind Ciudadela de los Esteros, where you can find anything else too. Can also try to get a phone number in Los Ceibos and Samborondon. Chemist and private grow warehouses are available for connoisseurs.

and also: “Buying in las Penas and Cerro Santa Ana is not 100% secure, not because of cops, but because of getting ripped off. In fact, buying weed downtown or on the street its not recomendable. It is very easy to get a phone number for a home delivery.”

Marijuana prices: 1 oz. will go from $10 to $300 depending on quality. Since good quality Peruvian Skunk can be found at very low prices, people in Ecuador do smoke and share very fat joints. Nowadays local Production from Quito, Guayaquil, Vilcabamba and Montanita are bringing BC quality to anybody who can pay it.

and also: “$10 – $200 according to quality.”

Marijuana brands: Mango, Punto Rojo, Chola, Skunk, and BC quality with a lot of Christals. Coming from Colombia, Peru and local production around the country. Best quality is Cronic from local production.

and also: “Chola, skunk, punto rojo, hash, and a lot of colombian hydroponic weed.”

More information: Guayaquil is a medium size city. Has a few party Districs (Zona Rosa, Malecones, Garzocentro/Alborada, Entre Rios/Samborondon, Salsotecas del Guasmo, Kennedy Norte, Urdesa, etc.) and many dangerous places to go (not as dangerous as most big cities in the US). You can get ripped off, but that’s it. People are extremely friendly, and will ask you to smoke with them, if you look foreign and have the look to suit the trip. Best bet is to find an Electronic festival or Rock Alternative youth concert and be guided by the smell of Weed onto the source. After a long night of party go enjoy seafood opening as early as 5am. Try Ceviche and Encebollado.