Greenville, NC, North Carolina

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: Anything up to 1.5oz is a misdemeanor. 1.5oz up to 10lbs is a felony with a maximum sentence of 1 year. First time (misdemeanor) offenders get probation.

More details at NORML.ORG

Law enforcement: Greenville is home to one of the two NC State Police headquarters, so you see a lot of troopers coming and leaving the highways. We also have a lot of county sheriffs, Greenville Police, and ECU Police.

There is also a fleet of undercover civilian cars that change all the time. They are usually Chevy/Chrysler/Dodge 4 door sedans or SUVs, with VERY DARK TINT. The very dark tints are a dead give away because it’s illegal for civilians to have it anywhere near that dark.

The cops are usually pretty savvy about drugs. They know about all the open-air markets and bust them every so often. They also bust large-scale dealers fairly often and it can make a temporary impact on the market.

They will even write you a paraphenalia charge if they find blunt guts in your car, so be smart and don’t smoke while you’re driving!

Also note, drugs become increasingly more expensive and harder to find, the closer you get to the coast of NC. The hick cops out there have nothing else to do, but kick in weed dealer’s doors. (Wilimington is the only exception)

Where to buy marijuana: Any arab/ghetto gas station will usually have some black guys hanging around on the side…especially from the late afternoon till a little while after the store closes. If they ain’t holding, their boy down the street is. These guys only have low/mid grade and sell it in the little nickel n dime bags. (bit of a rip off)

If you don’t know where the ghetto is, look at a map and draw a box using these 4 streets. Memorial Drive to Evans Street & 5th street to Arlington Blvd

If you want high grade, you’ve gotta make friends with some college kids. Hang out at the downtown bars/clubs/headshops.

On the weekends, when school is in session, there are TONS of house parties and frat parties that are open to anyone who brings their own beer, or has money for a keg cup. Just check the student housing areas within a couple miles of the ECU campus. There’s bound to be someone at the party who can hook you up!

Marijuana prices: Prices are pretty much standard for the east coast, but can vary depending on your connections.

Low grade: $5/g $25/7g $75-$100/28g

Mid grade: $10/g $25-30/3.5g $50/7g $150/28g

High grade $15-20/g $50/3.5g $150+/14g $300+/28g

Marijuana brands: Most of the dank is Bee’sters or obvious homegrown. The homegrown buds are less dense and more leafy.

Big time drug dealers hog all the exotic strains, but if you become good friends with them, you can get all types. It’ll cost you, tho!