Greeley, CO, Colorado

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: We almost passed Amendment 44 in November of 2006. Like all of CO medicinal Marijuana is legal with a doctor’s certificate and a registered card.

Law enforcement: Police enforcement is ten times harder on alcohol charges than they are with pot. Possesion of an ounce or less is a court appearance and a $100 fine. Pipes and other paraphanalia are almost always confiscated if they are found. Any scale visible will lead to an intent to sell charge.

Where to buy marijuana: You have to have a dealer you trust and it’s always best to meet a new dealer through someone you know. Most in-home dealers are chill and won’t give any trouble. A few around act sketch and won’t measure in front of clients, if that’s the case you should find someone else.

Marijuana prices: 50 an 1/8

Marijuana brands:

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