Goiania, Brazil

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3

Legislation: The police in Goiבs isn’t like rio’s or sao paulo’s police. If you get in troubles they will use the legal procediments. But in the legislation ,the users shouldn’t go to jail. They have to pay a tax. But if you go a rock show you can somoke if you see other people doing the same .Find a safe palce.

Law enforcement: fees or public services

Where to buy marijuana: 1) University Square (Praחa Universitבria) Talk wiht the guys who take care of the cars in the street (it’s common in Brazil). Ask for a litlle (10 or 20 reais). If you want a good amount order for this guys for you take in another day or time.Try to go with a brazilian friend (best hours: 6 to 10 pm)

2)”Ricado Paranhos” Avenue. Choose a bar with a lot of people and ask for the guys who takes care of the cars arround the bar in the streets. The same procidment to ask and buy.(the best times:10pm until 2 am)

3)Celso’s Bar (in West Sector). The same procidment (with the guys who take care of cars)(the best times:7pm until 1:00am)

Marijuana prices: 10 reais (2 cigarretes)

20 reais (4 cigarretes)

50 reais (25 grams)

100 reais(50 grams)

Marijuana brands: The quality is not bad because Goiבs is a important point in the drug’s route. They usually came from Paraguai. But in the streets is hard to find something good. Try to order a good amount and ask for the good one ( in brazil the people call “veneno” the good one. “Veneno” means “poison”.)

More information: Goiania is situated in the central part of Brazil ,a 300 kilometers from Brasilia, 1.200 from Rio ,800 kilometers from Sדo Paulo