Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.6

Legislation: Dope smoking is illegal in Indonesia. If you get caught expect to part with cash to bribe the police

Law enforcement: The Gili’s advertises themselves as free from ‘motors, police and dogs’. There is no permanent police presence on the islands, though they occasionally visit. However, everyone knows when they are coming.

Where to buy marijuana: Everywhere. Just look for any guy wearing dreadlocks (and that’s a lot) and they will set you up. It is common to score weed before you find accomodation.

Turn left when you get off the ferry and look for a Rastaman or cafe playing Bob Marley and ask for weed.

Marijuana prices: IDR 600,000 ($USD 80) will get you an ounce. Though it will need to be manicured.

Marijuana brands: Just leaf and tip. Most comes from Sumatra and is pretty rough to smoke. The locals can roll the most amazing joints and it is customary to share with the guys who supplied the weed

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2 Responses to “Gili Trawangan, Indonesia”

  1. matt

    i just wanted to let you know that Gili Air (a less crowded gili island0 is much easier to buy pot. you just ask the local bar tenders and local mushroom shops where the nearest hookup is and you will be in business in minutes. the best thing about gili is that it is run by a tribal council. the council lets anything happen, there are hardly ever police on the islands from bali. if you want to smoke weed go to gili air. I smoked every night and loved it. get to know your bartender for the best price

  2. Jay

    dont be fooled by false sense of security even in gilis.Smoking there is very dangerous if got caught.
    gili air is better, but trawangan is full of snitches and popos


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